Belly’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Bombom’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Hair transplant surgery for Hairline)



I didn’t have hair loss condition, but my forehead was too wide in M shape,

which was very stressful as a woman.






Then I found about hair transplant for hairline and reviews were saying

everyday activity is possible the day after surgery, with satisfying result,

so I went for consultation with the surgeon to find out more.


Consulting with several clinics,

I found Banobagi in Yeoksam –dong as best clinic for me.^^







It is very embarrassing, but for your comparison,

here is the before photo of my hairline hair transplant.

The forehead is really wide…







In online review, they said everyday activity is possible the day after surgery,

so I did my part-time job without any days off.


Of course, extreme sports or activity is not suggested, but my work was simple,

so it was okay.


Hair transplanted area did not hurt, but I first felt a bit of pain where hair was extracted.

But the pain level was something we can manage.


I was bit nervous because of the swelling,

but it was because I didn’t do ice pack massage after work.


I started on massaging with cold pack, and swelling subsided about 3 days after,


It’s been already one week, and I don’t have major swellings left.

The surgeon also told me my process is going well ^0^






The scabs on forehead area are all gone now.

According to the reviews, I had to let the scabs tear off by themselves,

but it was pretty itchy that I tried to tear them off without pressure.


And my front is pretty clean now, right?

Can you feel the difference from before? I do!!


The stapler on behind my head is taken off now.

I thought it will hurt, but it didn’t hurt as much as I thought.


It is refreshing that stapler is removed.

But it is still a bit difficult to wash my hair yet.






Most hair fell off, and fallen hair area is bit itchy,

but I try my best not to scratch the area.. T.T


You know what?

I dated with my boyfriend several times after surgery,

and he does not notice my surgery!!


Which is pretty amazing, and this is something you can get it done secretly,

which is good ^^








You have to be patient for about 1 year to see the actual result.

But I can clearly see the change after surgery and exited to see the result how much naturally improved 1 year after! +_+


If I do not care about the surgery and look in the mirror sometimes after,

it is really amazing to see hair grown!


No failure or side effects, but excellent result, “Hair transplant”








I got it done during summer vacation, and winter vacation is coming up!


The time passes really fast, but just like others who got surgery done,

my first month after surgery took soooo long time to pass!


My mom even says I look better than before ^^


I know it takes time still, but I can see the new hairline now.









I don’t think scar is something you should concern about.,

After 9 months, I do not have any scar left !

All you have to do is manage it well for first 2 weeks by sanitizing and applying ointments.


I cannot put my hair up now, but someday!!

I should grow my bangs!

I can now care less about my forehead and hairline in front!

It is so HAPPY THING for me!!







I definitely recommend you guys for this surgery which has no failure or side effects,

but full satisfaction!!


M shaped hairline, I suggest you the hair transplant !!!


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