Berry Berry’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Seongmi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Artecoll Filler Injection on Nose and Forehead)





Before / After


I always wanted to have nose bridge like Celebrity, Kim TaeHee!!

So I decided for treatment I’ve been thinking for long time !


Unfortunately, I had flat forehead right in the middle,

and that made my eyebrow bones more protruded.


I donno, but I looked angry without expressions on face..

I never showed my forehead for 30 years of my life.. T.T


When you look at my profile, my forehead is more flat and bumpy than round with volume..

I had humped nose which made my nose tip relatively look blunt and nose bridge low.


I was too scared to get the surgery done and also requires recovery period,

so I chose filler injection.







After deciding for filler injection, I researched a lot regarding fillers.

There were different types of fillers with lasting period.

Usually it was 6 months lasting fillers, but there were also 2 years lasting.


I was looking for practical filler and found artecoll filler.


It lasts 10 years and also creates collagen inside!! WOW !!





Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic


And as I research, I also found Artecoll filler cannot be used in any clinics!

The company allows only experienced specialists.

So I chose Dr. Barn JaeSang in Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic~


My heart was pumping like crazy at in front of the clinic!!

And I slowly went in to the clinic.

The clinic is 6 story building !

For anti-aging, I went up to 3rd floor.


I found poster of ‘Let Me In’ the make-over TV program!


I saw the sign right in front of the 3rd floor.

Now I am a bit nervous… heheh








I wrote the chart and consulted with Dr Barn.

Dr. Barn~ Please make my forehead and nose bridge like Kim TaeHee~^^

Dr.Barn replied saying ‘I will make it pretty for you ^^’


Now I have to wait for 30 minutes with anesthesia cream on.

But treatment did not take longer than 10 minutes.






Right after the treatment


Before / After


Ta dah!! Look at my nose bridge !!

It is more defined to see before and RIGHT after the surgery, right??

Sunken area is filled and nose tip and bridge ratio looks better than before !




Regeneration tape after treatment


After the treatment, the nurse applies this tape around the injection area.

I am not allowed to wash my face for 48 hours !


I will look more natural and prettier after 48 hours,right?






1 week after treatment



I heard numbers of compliments and questions if I got nose surgery done for over 1 week!

It felt little tender for about 2-3 days, and that was it.


I try to be careful when I erase my make-up with cleansing oil

But as I do not touch my face much anyway, I had no problem.^^








Comparison of Before/ After



I love my Nose !!

Nose tip and bridge is well balanced~~

But it seems like my forehead volume is lost a little.. T.T


I had swelling and volume on forehead right after the injection,

But as time passes and swelling subside, I think it looks less voluminous..


But as time goes, absorbed filler will create collagen and it will be filled with volume, so I should wait!





3~4 weeks after treatment


I got used to it too much already that I don’t remember getting the treatment! ^^

And after 3 week, the absorbed area is filling again, maybe with collagen!

It was surely absorbed more than now, but it is definitely filling up!

It is pretty amazing to see the expected happening!







6 weeks after treatment



I love when people asks if I got rhinoplasty done!

I never thought this much of effect with filler injection,

But so glad !!!! ^-^







9 weeks after treatment



Artecoll is definitely filling up after 3 months now~^^

I’ve been waiting for this time !!


Don’t worry if volume does not come up within 1-2 months~

Wait for one more month!


And satisfying result is waiting for you!!









Natural nose bridge line from glowy forehead~

It feels like a dream when I think about my before treatment.

I was going to grow my bangs, but keep forget to let it grow…

Cuz I had bangs for 30 years..


I found confidence from the treatment!

So do not hesitate, but try Artecoll at Banobagi!!


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