Bombom’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Coll's Artecoll Filler Injection Real Review


(Artecoll filler injection on Nasolabial fold)



I want to share my review of Artecoll filler injection at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic.





Here is Before and After Artecoll.

You can clearly see the difference, right?



Not only nasolabial fold, but also overall face line is adjusted with

collagen creation of collagen on face.



This made my face look smaller !!



At some point after artecoll injection,


People said

‘you look good these days’

‘was your face that small?’



This is Amazing Treatment I can say.



Especially longer lasting effect for about 10 years!!



Artecoll is simple, and it is not a surgery, but treatment which does not affect everyday lives.


I tool this photo on the day of injection when I got home.


I do not easily get bruise, but when it appears it takes long to disappear.

But the needle point from Artecoll was almost invisible.


And I went to work the nextday just like I did nothing!

Artecoll fills up from right after injection.

It is so amazing to see that!


But it loses volume some time after injection.





This is 1 month after the injection,

And after this time, I lost volume more and more…





But it was time for artecoll to fight with my sunken smileline.

Smilie try to appear, and artecoll is blocking the way..

I think that’s what’s happening at the moement. Haha


But I was fully instructed from Dr. Barn, JaeSang, that this time will come,

and when time passes, it will fill up again.


All I did was to look in the mirror everyday and wishing the line to fill up soon.. hehe



30 days after

See? It filled up!!!

And not long after 2 months, it was back to how it was injected before.


Amazing, right?




And it is natural now, smile line shows only when I smile (:


As Artecoll lasts about 10 years,

But it hasn’t been 10 years yet, but I don’t want it to go away..




I cannot assure about other clinics,

But I definitely recommend Dr.Barn at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic.

If you need filler the sunken area, Artecoll is the best method for it !!


And it is semi-permanent, unlike usual fillers that lasts only 6 months!


I called for consultation arrangement for other area,

and the staff from the call center was so kind >.<


I just love everything about Banobagi !


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