Cherin’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Dotori¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring Surgery)





Hello all~

I lived with big face for 30 years and got exited to get rid of this wide face,

 and it¡¯s been already 6 months from my face contouring surgery~~






I noticed my face is bigger and wider than others when I was in elementary school,

 and made me discouraged since then.

I am a bit tall as female (167cm) and big face made my body ratio worse 

to make me look shorter than my height..







People would say my face is big, or my cheekbones are protruded. 

Theses thing without considering my feeling hurt me a lot.


So I finally decided for Face Contouring!!







I was so worried that I couldn¡¯t even sleep the night before the surgery T.T

But when I got to the clinic, I was relived somehow.

The surgery was at 10:30am !


My face wasn¡¯t hurting after surgery, 

but I had toothache and I think it is because I had too much cavities.


I had soymilk the nurse gave me as a meal^^






1 week after the plastic surgery



I¡¯m still taking only soymilk, and I finally washed my hair and took a shower.


The swelling subsided a lot~


There is still some swelling, but even with swelling, V-line is noticeable! ^^

Hoping for slimmer face~~






15 days after the plastic surgery



It was my first time doing make-up after surgery and went out!!

I still have to wear the mask, but swelling subsided a lot. ^_^






50 days after the plastic surgery



50 days passed already!!

I look like I have candy in my mouth,,^^ 

people think I only got fat grafting done!


It looks like I never had cheekbone~


I drink alcohol, and have barbecues these days~


I have no angles, but smooth face line now~~

I can wear hairbands now, which shows the whole faceline ^^


Also, I try to lose more weight,, but there are so many delicious things to eat.. T.T






2 months after the plastic surgery



The time goes really fast and it is already 2 months after plastic surgery~

I went out to have hamburgers today~


I cannot open my mouth wide, but wide as much as biting burgers~

My friends ask whether I have done something on forehead, but I didn¡¯t. 


I just have smaller face from big face and have effect on forehead ~







90 days after the plastic surgery



This is when I was struggling with minor swellings.

When I wake up in the morning, 

I had swelling inside my mouth and the swelling subsided in the evening.







on the Day of Accusculpting



 I got Accusculpting for face this day!

Let¡¯s see how much I can be slimmer!


The time is what I need after surgery~






110 days after the plastic surgery



 Even in the morning time, I don¡¯t have swellings anymore!!

I enjoy changing my hair style these days~


I still have some swelling from accusculpting, but when it subsides, 

imagine how slimmer I will be!


For those of you who still considering to get the surgery done, 

do not hesitate and get it done like me !! 







I didn¡¯t do my eyes! But you can see the defined jaw line, right?


I don¡¯t have to pose to take selfies because I look good on any angle~


I promised my surgeon to lose more weight for best effect,, but look at me now..T.T






Before / After



Oh my, look at that woman angled facelineon the left!!






150 days after the plastic surgery



I still have tight feelings in the mouth a little, but it also mean that I still have swelling 

that will subside and make my face slimmer, right? Hehe


I¡¯m just happy to expect smaller face~


I had wedding to attend, so I did some make-ups and small face is more noticeable now!


Accusculpt swelling on neck and jaw lines subsided already~ ~







6 months after the plastic surgery



My hair was long enough to touch the shoulder, but I did hair extension.

As my face line gets smoother and softer image, I like to try different styles.



Wearing hair band with long hair,, this is kind of hair style I always wanted to try!!







Two before photos and one after photo!





Before / After 



 There is only one thing I would like to say,

You will not regret from Face Contouring Surgery!


Natural and beautiful plastic surgery is done at BANOBAGI Clinic!!






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