Chic Rabbit’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Yuri¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Forehead Fat Grafting + 

Ptosis correction + Nose surgery)



Hello all, I am 25 years old female~


I stood up from my complex by correcting my asymmetric face and 

would like to share with all of you. 





I had severe asymmetry which never made me smile or take photos. 

I had to look for best photoshop place for identification photo shoot.



The graduation photo in the yearbook Is the one that I never want to see again. 

I avoid taking photo with friends because with them, my face looked more asymmetric. 




To correct the asymmetry, I finally decided to het two jaw surgery done.

It wasn¡¯t easy decision for me as it is TWO JAW surgery which requires to be done at the best clinic for safety with anesthesiologist, result, and post-care. 


After a long research, I chose Banobagi for my change. 



I was under anesthesia and when I woke up, the surgery was done. that¡¯s when I actually realized that I got the surgery done.






Horrible photos,,



It was hard to breathe on the first day. I couldn¡¯t sleep well, and it was a long day for me.





4 days after¡¦!



The swelling is slowly subsiding and bruise is remaining on eye area and mouth area. 

The clinic gave me the mask pack for faster swelling subsidence~


I blended bread and milk for meal. I cannot wash my face well, 

so I try to recover my skin with mask packs.






10 days after



Wow, after swelling subsidence, the face contour s now more visible, 

I am so excited to see after all the swelling subsides >_<





21 days after




Isn¡¯t it amazing???

I still take soft foods such as soups.






1 month after



 How do I look?

I¡¯m getting better ^^



I put make-up on and you can see my face got smaller than before, right?

And I look younger!! >_<






49 days after



I had birthday party!

I am not afraid of photo taken by others now! ^^

Look at all my selfies ~~~






70 days after



It was Christmas season and I went for skiing at the resort!

I can snowboard, too! 






 Here is the comparison of before and after. Can you imagine that is the same person?




110 days after




I went for a check-up at the dentist. I worried about screw on my gum, 

but it ¡®s next month! I¡¯m too scared of dental treatments T.T





 4 months after



After two jaw surgery, I did surgery for curved nose correction.

With nose surgery, I have done Accusculpting + Forehead fat grafting + Ptosis correction.


As I got better, I wanted look my best, so I made decision to get surgery done where I was discouraged about. This is woman¡¯s greed for beauty.. 





165 days after Two jaw surgery and 3 week after Nose surgery



As swelling subside, people do not notice my nose job. 

Others just say I look more feminine with compliment, which makes me Happy ^^







180 days after



I go out often in this nice weather~ and never forget to take photos of me! ^^;;







Before surgery/ After Two jaw surgery / After Rhinoplasty



I am now getting ready to apply for job interviews and took the selfie on interviewed day. 

I hope I can get in!! 





I put my hair down from tied up.

I often put my hair up these days because I am confident about my face shape.


I can eat anything now, such as fired chickens~~ 







I went as an audience for beauty program on TV. 


The celebrities in the program have such small face and pretty! 

I would admire the celebrities before the surgery, but now, I am satisfied of what I have! ^^






200 days after



 I got filler right below the eyes which is called ¡®aegyo¡¯. 


I had numbing cream on,, and cried because I opened my eyes¡¦T.T 

you are not suppose to open your eyes when numb cream is on.. hehe











 In the past, I hated taking photos, but not anymore! 

It feels like I¡¯m in heaven !!


I started on my diet these days~~






300 days after


 It¡¯s been almost 1 year since two jaw surgery.

It is just so natural!!






I saw some reviews with awkward mouth shape after two jaw surgery, 

but you cannot notice that from me, can you?


I am more satisfied with symmetric face now!







1 year after



Time heals everything.

I did had difficult times when I first got the surgery done, 

and worried when would I be able to see myself become prettier..



But when I see my face now, I am SO HAPPY..

I take too much selfies theses days.







I was always discouraged and had self-esteem about my appearance, 

but after two jaw surgery, I love myself and care for myself more than before.


Whoever says anything, loving yourself is most important thing to live life, right?


I found confidence, got a job this year which is fully satisfying!


I hope my life will go on like this and Thank Banobagi surgeons and staffs for everything they have done for me ^^



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