Choco’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Joy¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Nose + Fat Grafting surgery)



Hello all!

I¡¯m Joy!

I got surgery done at Banobagi for my nose and face fat grafting and would like to share my real diary~







Here is my before photo~ 



This is my last photo taken before the surgery.

And as I said, I got surgery done for my nose for hump reduction and tip plasty and also fat grafting for forehead and cheek area.



I was awake for one moment in between the operation and woke up after operation. I didn¡¯t feel any pain though.






 On the day of the operation




You can¡¯t really notice my swelling on the day after the operation, right?

But the next day, the swelling occurred on glabella and under eyes. ¡®

It was itchy on splint taped area that I wanted to tear it off, but I had to be patient for higher nose tip~ ^0^





1 week after plastic surgery



I started to massage with ice pack and warm towel 3 days after the operation and taking a walk also helped on swelling subsidence.

The swelling has come down to cheek area, but even without the make-up, bruise seems fading away.


On profile, I love the roundy forehead with volume !







The splint on nose and stitch on side of the nose was removed!

I got the treatments for post-operation and also laser treatment called ¡®calm laser therapy¡¯ which made me feel lighter than before~

The splint was bit distracting and feel much better when it was removed !


Can you see the difference by comparison?

Nose bridge got so high!!

I am bit awkward about my new image now, but cannot put down the mirror off of my hand~~







2 weeks after plastic surgery



It¡¯s already been 2 weeks~ I¡¯m in better condition and lighter than before~



The swelling on glabella is subsiding and profile looks much natural than before.







My profile looks better with lights on, right? Haha

The time goes really fast!


It is good that I can now wash my face. But I do be careful to wash it gently.







3 weeks after plastic surgery



People around me say I look more positive than before which made me feel also positive^^


As I am more confident about my appearance, I take more selfies and look in the mirror. With any expression on my face, I just look good in the photos. Hehe






The top two are the before photos, and the bottom two are the after photos. The photos were taken at the same place which make more comparing to each other.. haha

Because of the nose job, I got more confident about my side view, 

and keep take profile selfies.^^








I put my hair down!!!

Sunshine make me feel GOOOD~~ !!


My image looks different with hair down, right?

I can feel that my face is settling down to its place day by day after surgery.







1 month after plastic surgery




It's been1 month already!!


Whenever I think of the plastic surgery, I regret that I could¡¯ve decided to get it sooner. Nose, which is in the middle of the face is straight enough to make my face balanced. 


I wore formally on the day of dinner with my office workers, and my selfie looks like identification photo, haha I should change my photo on identification card!!







Wasn¡¯t that my nose before¡¦????

I have no discomfort or irritation after surgery, but I get surprised whenever I touch my nose in unconsciousness.






8 weeks after plastic surgery



Can you see my difference?

I changed my hair style~ I perm my hair ^^


I was wearing braces for 2 years and took it off recently ^^







And,, I look so much better than before!!

I just love to look in the mirror~~







 With defined nose shape, fat grafting made me baby face~

Something was off before the surgery that made me look tire or sleepy, but I look so vital now^^







2 months after plastic surgery



Time flies~

I was busy with work these days, but I went for tracking to Namhansanseong Fortress~~~~~!

It felt really good to wash my feet on clear and cool water in the valley^^

And you cannot miss out the traditional meal in the valet, Chicken soup and Makgeoli! >_<

The fortress is not so far from Seoul I spent a good time healing off my stress with nature ^^







3 months after plastic surgery



 As I found confidence after surgery, I became more positive person^^



Now days, I smile often much as in the photo, and I hope my smile will bring positive energy to people around me ^^


Thank you So much Banobagi!!!!! 





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