Cindy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


QuQu’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyelid + Nose Surgery)




Before/ After 6 months



I had bumpy face shape with double chin which I hated the most..


My face was not big,

but I had asymmetry with protruded cheekbone and also square jaw.


This was very stressful to me.

I had to photo shop every photo I take and this made me lost confident.

Also made me think what should I do to make myself become prettier than now.


I had dull image due to my sleepy eyes,

Nose line wasn’t that satisfying.


I thought making difference will bring back my confidence,

so I decided to get surgery done for face contouring, eyes and nose,

and chose BANOBAGI!!






This is me right after surgery.


I realized I have done the surgery after when I woke up from anesthesia.

Ii was hospitalized because I had face contouring done.

I swelling was bad until I was discharged, so I did cold-pack massage everytime.

It is normal for swelling to subside starting from day 3.







5 days after surgery


I have some swelling, but as time goes, major swelling subsided.

I washed my hair and took a shower on the 5th day.. he

It is difficult to wash up for few days after surgery, so make sure to wash up before you get the surgery done!


You have to fast for 8 hours before you come, so make sure to eat good things before fasting, and you can only drink for few days after surgery such as soy bean milk, pumpkin juice, milk and juice.








I visited the clinic 1 week after the surgery for dressing.


Not only dressings, but I got massage, too!

From peeling to cooling maskapcks… so refreshing..


After massaging, I got dressing for stitch removal.

I still has swellings, but I loved my nose shape!

My nose was not flat, no I only did tip correction, and it is very satisfying!



Banobagi’s surgeons and staffs are so kind and caring.

I was fully instructed for post-operative instructions,

and also got face band to use at home.




You can wear the make-ups about 3~4 weeks after,

but I wear them lightly for special occasion.


It is not natural yet, but swelling subsided a lot!







Exactly 2 weeks after!


I went for regular check-up at the clinic

and removed the stitches inside my mouth and nose.


Ii had little bruising in my eyes,

and surgeon put eye drop in the eyes when he saw the bruise.



I met friends after check-up,

and still have little difficulties when I talk.


I have to be careful not to laugh out loud with my mouth open too much.







16 days after


The time didn’t go when I was recovering,

but as i have less swelling and I go out more often,

swelling subsides faster day by day.


Bu I do wear masks when I go out.






18 days after


I ate out and had ice flakes for dessert~


I cannot eat chewy or hard food, so I cut it small and ate it slowly.

Ice flakes melt in mouth, so it was good~


Swelling in the morning is pretty bad still, but I feel the sensation coming back on cheekbone and chin area~







21 days after


Swelling is coming down.


It looks bit awkward with minor swelling,

but my face got slimmer and prettier than before!


Nose line in more define as swelling subsides~

My eyes make my face look dull, but it got bigger and bright!







24 days after


Only minor swelling left!

My face got smaller and face contour is more defined!!






28 days after


I can notice when I look in the mirror, so impressed!!







Before/ After


Before and after 1 month

Here is the coparison!

I am surprised to see my cheekbone, it is gone!!

Without any filter, I still have slim and neat face line!

I don’t have to mention my eyes and nose, right?>.<




32 days after


This is REAL photo without any filter!

So amazed to Banobagi surgeon how they made me change like this!

I wanted my double eyelid line to be thicker than before,

and it turned out just like I wanted!!


This makes me fun when I do my eye make-ups~


If I have to back to before plastic surgery,

I will definitely get surgery done again,

no doubt!


I did suffer during recovery period,

Nut as time passes and with this satisfying result,

The memory is fading away….. haha


I do apply scar cream for scar every day!!


I saw some people review of failure after face contouring surgery done

at other clinics with bumpy bone shaving, and plan for revision,

I’m so glad that I chose Banobagi !!








1 month and 1 week after surgery


I have no problem doing everyday activity,

and minor swellings are subsiding well, too!








I must have managed myself not to gain weight,

Exercising is necessary!

No salty food, take less sodium, and eat healthy food!

I know this is easy to say,,,,







This is taken before exercising.


I look more feminine and slim in the evening time.


I am soooooo glad that I got the surgery done when I see myself

with smooth face line from cheekbone to end of chin line!






2 and half months after


I love to take profile photos!!

My face line is smooth and sharp and high nose is so satisfying!!







I met friends on 3rd month,


And all my friends do not notice about my face contouring surgery,

but say I look prettier!!


Eyelid line took pretty long to settle because of thick line,

but it is set almost 90%.







Before / After


I compared before and after again,

I hated to see my double chin, but it is gone now!








After 3 months, you have no problem going back to daily lives.

I take selfies and never use filter or photoshop!








Front or side, whichever is so good !!

I can feel the little bit of swelling, but it will subside until 6 months after~







4 months after



I went to the beach for vacation with friends.

The sensation on face in certain area takes time to come back,

but most of numbness is back to normal now~








These days, I forget about the surgery history.

I chose to get surgery done to be more confident about myself, and it was successful!


One thing I worries about was the side-effect, but with Banobagi surgeon,

you do no have to worry about that!!

You can Trust Banobagi!!







5-6 months after


I had double chin before the surgery,

and it is improved A LOT !!!


Some people get saggy skins after face contouring surgery,

But it did not happen to me!

But for better effect, I decided to get Accusculpting done!


I love Banobagi how they take care of patients not only before, but also after surgeries!









The day of Accusculpting/ next day


The purpose of Accusculpt is to reduce the face fats and make adjustment.

I thought it was simple surgery, but as it is surgery,

I had to fast and was under anesthesia.



I became like a bun after surgery~

I had little bruise under chin, but it went away 3-4 days after.







1 week after Accusculpt


I already feel like all the fats under chin is gone!








Before Surgery


You can see the bumpy and wide face..

Also had fats under chin and cheek.,

I am so satisfied now!!







2 weeks after Accusclpt

6 months after Face contour+Eyes+Nose



It is bit hard to raise my chin after accusculpting,

But effect is perfect!!







Before/ After 6 months


As time passes this much, I feel like if I was a help for my readers..

You can see the difference from the before and after photos, right?







Before/ After 6 months


I was thinking to improve my cheekbone and square jaw,

And look how it turned out!


I’m so amazed to see myself after surgery!






Eyes and nose are done just like I wanted!

The surgeon and I discussed enough before surgery for this successful result!








My self-esteem was very low due to my appearance.

But now, I truly thank Banobagi for finding my confident!

And most important thing is that I look naturally pretty!!!






Of course, it wasn’t an easy decision to make before the surgery,




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