Crong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Crong’s lastic Surgery Real Review


(Double Jaw + Face contour + Rhinoplasty + Eyelid Surgery)



The front two are the before photos and right one is the after.


As you can see from the before photos, I had malocclusion, which caused functional problems. But because of Banobagi, all the difficulties I had is all gone now!






As I said, I had malocclusion which made me hard to bite and eat.

Also my pronunciation wasn’t clear. Not only functional matters,

I had jutting chin with protruded cheekbones and square jaws

which made me lose self-esteem.


Because my face structure was big, it made my eyes and nose relatively small than as is.

I never heard anyone saying I am a good looking. NEVER..


I knew double jaw surgery was the answer to

enhance the functional matters with appearance. But as it is big surgery,

I could not make my decision to choose the clinic nor the time.


I researched every clinic I can and chose

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic because this clinic made me trust in safety.








I took a photo right after when I wake up from the anesthesia.

I don’t know how I had that conscious to take the selfie

when I was still waking up from anesthesia..!


I did double jaw surgery first, and then

nose and eye surgery few months after double jaw surgery.

I suffered on first day after surgery.

I couldn’t breathe well, so the nurse had to suction my nose every 10 minutes.

Later after sometime, I felt sorry for them to come me, but they never frown their face,

but instead, encouraged me to keep up ! I felt so thankful for them T.T






I spent 3 nights and was discharged on the 4th day.

I practiced to walk, sanitize inside my mouth, and gargle.





I heard that deswelling will start after 3 days, but my swelling was still until 5thday.

but it started to subside after 5th day.


About a week after,

the swelling appeared in the morning and subsided during the day time.


I went for a check-up with the surgeon and deswelling care treatments at the clinic. Deswelling treatment was awesome!

They washed my face, did peeling massage, and lymph massage, too!!


The surgeon said I’m doing well, and let’s keep up for the best result! I was impressed by what surgeon said as he knew how I was feeling..







Because I had double jaw surgery, I tied upper and lower jaw with 4 rubbers.

(This is called intermaxillary fixation!!)

I had wafer on upper teeth and had to bite it all day long.


As teeth and jaw wants to return to their place like before,

it is very important to keep the correction.

When we try to correct returned jaw, it is more difficult than first time!

So I tried my best to follow the instruction and get used to it!^^






This is after about 3 weeks.

The time passed pretty slow until this time, but 3 weeks after,

the time passed faster and swelling subsided faster, too!


Major swellings are all gone I think, but minor swellings are still left on cheek area.

But I know that time will heal everything, so I patiently waited.








It’s been 2 months after the double jaw surgery.

I wear the braces on lower teeth 1 month after surgery, and upper teeth a week after. Orthodontic treatment is annoying, but compare the appearance before I had jutting chin,

it was nothing to be compared to for better appearance!


When I had malocclusion, I had functional problems which made me suffer.

But as the jaw finds its place, I cannot be more than happy T.T


The decision for Double jaw surgery was

the best thing out of something I decided in my life !!








I have only minor swelling left after about two months.

And have no problem doing everyday activity!

But I could not eat chewy food or hard food due to braces and it was after jaw surgery.


I do still have minor swellings on face ^^

I went for a regular check-up at the clinic for 3rd month, and was told to be patient

until 6 months after as double jaw surgery takes time. T.T


You know, Double jaw surgery is major surgery and it made me feel a bit nervous,

but as I researched, Banobagi is well-known for the surgery and the clinic had

no accident in plastic surgery since it was opened!!


For those of you who still concern about the surgery because of safety,

Do not hesitate to choose Banobagi!! ^^







Here is the before photo for reminder..

Malocclusion jaw and jutting chin..

Bumpy face structures made my image too sharp..







3 and half months after surgery.

Wow, now I can notice the deswelling!!

To be honest, when I first saw y face after surgery,

I was so swelled that I thought I would live like this forever with the swellings..

but that kind of worries, I don’t remember at all!!


The major swelling subsides within 1 month,

and minor swelling will subside slowly, but definitely!!


I have braces on for 3 months now,

and I am amazed to feel the occlusion, and eat more easily than before!!

It is soooo impressing!!


Also, my jaw is now retruded and looks more balanced which makes me happy.

And I hear people saying my face is small, which I never heard before the surgery!


I hated taking photos from front, but I take more photos from front these days!








Functional matters are fixed, which is good, but also smaller face made me feel better!

I’m so glad that I chose Banobagi which has reputation for their skill and safety!

Who will notice that I had jutting chin????

It is totally gone!!


And I for eyelid and nose surgery done on the 4th month of double jaw surgery.

I had double eyelid, but it disappeared.

Nose seemed too flat after double jaw surgery,

so I got rhinoplasty done ^^







This is only about 2 weeks after surgery.

I hated to see the flat nose after double jaw surgery.T.T

The droopy nose tip was corrected with my ear cartilage^^







7 months after double jaw surgery,

3 months after eyes and nose surgery


I went to Seoul for regular check-up and dental treatment.

The surgery result is successful, the surgeon said. When I heard the surgeon say this,

the recovery time from the beginning came up to my mind.


I still have the swelling on nose tip, so I should wait for that to subside, and that’s all!

This was the time when I heard people complimenting my look! I lost some weight after surgery and orthodontic treatment, the jaw found its place back which made me feel impressed and amazed every time I see my face, or eat food.








8 months after double jaw surgery,

4 months after eyes and nose surgery


I couldn’t wait for time to pass, but now,

it’s been already 8 months after the double jaw surgery!


The only difficulties I have now is that I get food stuck on braces often, but that’s all!!

And guess what? My orthodontic treatment is almost finished, too!







10 months after double jaw surgery,

6 months after eyes and nose surgery


I had to chew 30 to 40 times when other can swallow after chewing about 10 times.

But after meeting Banobagi, everything changed.

Surgery, and dental treatment fixed malocclusion!

So I eat like I never ate before!! I have NO problem at all doing everyday activities!


Thank you Banobagi T.T







The time goes Really fast!!

Everything is well without difficulties!

I should wait a little while for my jaw to have the sensation back to normal!!


I compared myself with before photo, and I look totally different!!

Malocclusion and jutting chin is gone, face contour for cheekbone,

square jaw and front chin brought smooth and slim face line for.


Not only the low self-esteem,

but also the stress we had in mind was fixed

by Banobagi surgeons and staffs!!!


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