Dahee’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Sooah¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Paranasal Implant surgery)



I forgot about my before, but here is the before and after for you to see how different I became after plastic surgery.


You can see the angled jaw in the before photo,,


I look masculine somehow because of the angled face line.

However I dress, however I do mu hair style, I just don¡¯t look feminine,,,








So I decided for the surgery.







First day after surgery 



I couldn¡¯t eat anything, so I had to swallow the food.

I had soymilk, blackbean milk, soups, milk.. etc.






1 week after surgery 



When I wear the masks, the swelling is not visible, but when I don¡¯t the swelling is visible. But I did walk around a lot with masks on.

Even before the swelling subsidence, there is difference, right?







2 weeks after surgery 



Selfie taken after stitch removal!

I wear the face band, and it does not hurt anymore.

There is still swelling, but I can see smoothen faceline.

A bit of swelling makes me look younger~







3 weeks after surgery



Swelling subsided so much!!


I eat to much these days.

I do everyday activity with no problem, brush my teeth with baby toothbrush. Hehe

I can open my wide as one finger in.







50 days after the surgery! 



I still have some swelling inside my mouth, but it doesn¡¯t bother me ~


I have no problem and have V-line on jaw ~

This makes me to take selfies every single day~







100 days after surgery 


Here is the before and after photos of me!



Can you see the difference!? From boy image to girly image!!

It is just so natural but I changed!!

I also started working out, and in an good condition these days.


I went for a check-up and decided to get Accusculpting and Fat grafting with Alar reduction~

Dr.Oh designed before Accusculpting, and fat will be extracted from my abdomen.







After Accusculpting~



V-line is visible clearly now, right??

Pretty, feminine faceline!!


My friends do not remomeber old me..


Even I don¡¯t remember¡¦ ??? hehe




This is the recent photo !

I still take selfies everyday and satisfied of my look after surgery.


I Thank Banobagi surgeons, 

and recommend you guys Banobagi Clinic for plastic surgery~~ !!





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