Ddani’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Lemon C’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Mouth Protrusion + Face contouring Surgery)




I have done face contouring surgery with protruded mouth surgery at Banobagi^^



Before the surgery, I had negative image due to angles jaw, protruded cheekbone,

and mouth.. bumpy face line gave me stress also.. T.T


When I did not make any expression, people thought I was made or angry.

But after meeting incredible doctors at Banobagi, my face is V-line now!!








This is my before..

Don’t I look so depressing??

Frog,, that’s right, my nickname was frog…..

I had to cover my faceline with hair all the time..


I wanted to be more confident!

So I decided for plastic surgery!!

Here is my real diary after surgery!!







2nd day after surgery!!

Wow my swelling was pretty worse than I thought..


I had to move around for deswelling, but I lied down and rested all day, maybe that’s why..


Banobagi is good because they cooperate with Banobagi dental clinic after surgery.

I went to Banobagi dental clinic and filmed 3D photo for my mouth.


The nurse did dressings and applied ointment.

The staffs at the clinic was sooooo caring !!!







I cannot chew food for a while after surgery, so my sister bought all the liquids for me.

I used big injection to drink through my mouth as I cannot open my mouth wide now.

I should eat soft food for at least a month.








I went out for a walk often and did hot towel massage regularly,

and swelling subsided a lot!!


The bruising is going down, too!


I still have some swelling, but you can see that my square jaw,

cheekbone, and protruded mouth is gone!!



I was so amazed to see the result!!


So excited to see the actual result after swelling subsidence!!







I got massage at the clinic and received the face band.

The face band is necessary for about 2 weeks from now on.


I should wear fro 5 minutes and rest 30 minutes at first, and when I get used to it,

I should use it frequently, but rest for 30 minutes for sure after each time.

4-6 hours regularly everyday ^^


This will make swelling subside faster and prevent skin sagging.








When I went to school,

my friends were so surprised and compliment me for changed face!








The photos are not filtered.

The swelling seems more subsided in the evening~


I had bio-bond on cheek area, but it’s gone now!


The sensation on nose is back to normal,

and everything is back to normal except I still have numbness on

cheekbone, cheek and philtrum area.







Wow, the appearance changed a lot, right?

The negative image is changed to more positive than before!


I was told to smile all the time because I looked too scared.


But now, I hear people complimenting my look saying I look pretty,

and feminine than before ^^


I can now show my chin and jaw line after surgery~








I take selfies all the time!!

I hated taking photos before, but now, I just love to take photos!!


I have V-line from any angle!!








Due to remaining cheek fats,

I got Accusculpt procedure done to remove it!


The swelling from Accusculp wasn’t that bad as first time surgery, nor bruising,

So about 4 day recovery was enough for me this time!


I loved the result from Accuscculpting because it make my face v-line

and also brings lifting effect!


The surgery takes about 2 hours only,

you may discharged on the day of the surgery!


It is that simple surgery!







My face is more slim now!

As width of my face gets slimmer, my eyes look bigger and nose higher! Haha


Due to smaller face, my friends now refuse to take photos with me T.T hehe








I’m living happy life everyday with prettier Face!!! ^^


I cannot thank enough for BANOABGI T.T


You can be V-line from any angled face and protruded mouth like me!!!








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