DDODDI’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Banny Banny’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty + Eyelid surgery)



Hello all~ this is Banny Banny^^

I have done the Two jaw surgery + Eyes + Nose surgery at Banobagi~!


There are several things for my decision of Two jaw surgery.

First priority was to find my confidence back.


This is my before surgery!



My friend nicknamed me as ‘new moon’,,

I did two jaw surgery with eye and nose surgery to have dramatic change!






The below is 2 days after double eyelid surgery,

and right is 9 days after double eyelid surgery.



You can’t notice much about the swelling, right?


I want to get Two jaw surgery done as soon as possible!





I got two jaw surgery done, and this is 6 days after the surgery..

still have some swelling, right?






2 weeks after!




To avoid saggy skins after surgery I did face band regularly^^





3 weeks after two jaw surgery



The swelling subsided a lot, right? I can smile this big now (:

And my double eyelids look so natural~






5 weeks after ~!



The swelling did not subside much on 3rd week, but subsided a lot after 5 weeks.

I have V line now >.<

Also, my lower jaw went back a lot, right?







This is for you to compare,,,,,,!







6 weeks! I’m still wearing the braces from the 5th week and getting used to it~










2 months after two jaw surgery~




Can you see my face got really slim!?

The swelling subsided a lot!

All my friends compliment me for my changed look!








Before/ 2 months after







11 weeks after~~~



It’s been 2 months and 3 weeks already.

You know, the swelling subsided a lot!

All my coworkers compliment me for changed look!^^ so happy!


My double eyelid is settled well already, and two jaw surgery result is settled, too.








3 months after two jaw surgery!!



My face got REALLY SMALL !!! ^^






I did Nose + Forehead surgery 3 months after Two jaw surgery~!

I was pretty much satisfied with double eyelid surgery and two jaw surgery, and so excited to have prettier me ^^

This is my surgery after surgery for nose and forehead.








2 weeks after Rhinoplasty!! So sharp, right?? I LOVE IT !!!!



It’s been 3 months and 2 weeks after Two jaw surgery^^


I heard people saying I look like more refined than before. Hehe

My eyes look more clear~







4 months after Two Jaw surgery and 1 month after Rhinoplasty!!

Yes, it is same person with no doubt,, T.T





Before Two Jaw Surgery, Rhinoplasty / After







This is me 5 months after Two jaw surgery,

and 2 months after Rhinioplasty!



I look good on glasses with smaller face and sharper nose, right?






Natural smile!^^

With this sharper nose, my face look more defined.







Before/ 10 months after Two jaw surgery



It’s been almost 1 year since my two jaw surgery~!!

It looks more strange to see my before photos. T.T


I am more confident about myself as I changed dramatically!!

I try to manage myself well and groom myself to be more confident ^^











For those of you who lost confident about appearance..!

Be confident!! ^^



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