Deening’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


I quit my job for the surgery and spent 2 weeks to search and eat delicious foods for my big operation. I knew that I won¡¯t be able to eat like before for about a month after surgery, so I had to take nutrients to keep for myself.

Here is my before and after now.



Before and After


The difference is so visible, right?

I am satisfied with the result by seeing this photo only!


When I talk about my before, I was self conscience about my side view which my jutting chin was clearly visible than the front view. I had consultation with the surgeon on the day of the surgery and everything was so quick that I didn¡¯t even feel nervous waiting for what would happen. When I woke up, I was in the recovery room and I rode on wheelchair to patients¡¯ room by nurse¡¯s assistance.



On the day after the surgery


This was my first time seeing myself after surgery and it was.. not that familiar. It was numb around lower jaw area and didn¡¯t feel much about swelling, but all I was thinking at that time was ¡®I want to drink water¡¯.  



2 days after the surgery


The second day was when I had the most swelling after surgery. You can¡¯t even see my nose bridge which was so low anyways. 




4 days after the surgery


This is me 4 days after the surgery. I¡¯m actually smiling in the photo, ^^

I tried to smile as big as I can, but this is how it turned out¡¦ hehe



1 week after the surgery


I can see that my swelling is subsiding slowly. And feel lighter everyday when I wake up.

I easily get swelled but after the surgery, I wasn¡¯t that severe as much as I thought. My friends told me that it is because of the surgeon¡¯s skills. No wonder Banobagi Surgeons are the BEST !!! 



I take photos every morning like a routine. I massaged often with hot towel and it seems like my jaw lines are more visible now. This day was my first day out after the surgery. With masks on, you cannot tell if I got the surgery done, right?^^






2 weeks after the surgery


I went to remove the stitches this day. 

And also did some massaging as post care. I got massaging first, then removed the stitches. This made my face more swelled inside my mouth again.. 




1 month after the surgery


This is my before and after selfies~ I can clearly see that after selfie is much better. It looks like U line to me now, but I can¡¯t wait to see my V line¡¦!! 





2 months after the surgery


My friends who know I had surgery done say I look awkward when I talk or smile. But without opening my mouth, no one will notice! When is my mouth becoming natural?





3 months after the surgery


Ta dah~~ I just started my braces! Nowdays, I tell people the reason for my pronunciation is due to my braces, and they believe it! Haha





This is the best shot taken for now!! Myface is smaller than my hands now! 

This is the power of Tow Jaw surgery!



It is now 3 months after the surgery and feeling sensation return on my lower lip.





Before and After the surgery


After the surgery people tell me that I look cuter than before. It was hard for me to keep my mouth closed due to malocclusion, but I fell 100 times better now even with braces on >.<



3 and half months after the surgery


Here is the News, I have nose done with Accu-Lifting! I was self conscience about my low bridged nose, but was informed that both cannot be done at the same time. So I waited 3 months to get nose surgery done. 



2 days after the nose surgery


This is me, 2 days after the surgery. I thought the swelling wasn¡¯t that bad, but the day after surgery, I have more swelling than yesterday.



6 days after the surgery


This is taken 6 days after the surgery. I have to sanitize inside my nose with cotton bud with sanitizer.



10 days after the surgery


The splint was taken off and now I do cold towel massage for faster swelling subsidence. It looks bit awkward with fat injected forehead now..



1 months after nose surgery


Nose swelling is almost gone now. The nose tip seems like bit blunt after splint removal, but there is no swelling on my nose bridge. It is not a dolly nose, but natural that my friends ask the clinic¡¯s name. 



6 months after the Two Jaw surgery


I had gathering with High school friends for friend¡¯s birthday~ >_<



8 months after the Two Jaw surgery


The person I like was in Korea for one day and came to meet me. Even I felt a bit pain, I acted I didn¡¯t to him and came back home. When I arrive home, the pain was gone! 



I took off the braces today! I was informed that braces after surgery will not take longer than 1year, but when it was finally taken off, it felt really really good !!!


There¡¯s not many days left for 2015. My wish for two jaw surgery was done this year, and made such good memories, too! It was the most meaningful year of my life^^



This is the selfie I took for my boyfriend and he loves it~

And this is my front view before the surgery.








10 months after the Two Jaw surgery


I don¡¯t need to visit the dentist anymore for 6 months now. It feel like it¡¯s all over. The pain and discomfort from the past is all forgotten and I feel like I was born like this, so used to it. 



12 months after the Two Jaw surgery


This is my birthday photo which means its been exactly one year after surgery. When I compare the before and after photo now, you can see the difference now. I also changed my hair style, but do I have the same hair style..? heh



My dreams came true for safe and successful surgery!!  

All the good things are happening after I met Banobagi ^^

Thank you all!!




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