Flower’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Beauty Girl¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw Surgery)





It rained like today on the day of my Two jaw surgery.


I still remember the day of July 2nd, which is my operation date.


All the difficult times passed, and I feel really happy now.  

It feels like a compensation of past hard times. 



Before the surgery


I don¡¯t really member my before look, but whenever I take a look, 

I¡¯m like, ¡®who¡¯s this person,,,? ¡®^^;;


I had protruded mouth which made me always look angry. 










I remember the day of the surgery that I started to swell in the afternoon.

The time passed really slow before, but here I am now, writing my last diary. 




 On the day of the surgery




First day of orthodontic treatment


This was when I first wear the braces.

It was my first time wearing braces, and I felt awkward, and it was really painful inside my mouth..





This is my second braces, swelling subsided a lot.





Before the orthodontic treatment




 81 days after Two Jaw surgery



Most of the swelling subsided and my face contour and protruded mouth is enhanced naturally. 






137 days after Two Jaw surgery 


You can eat anything now.


You can chop it and have it, and this is not a swelling, but I¡¯m gaining weight,, hehe

The condition differs by patients, but for my case, the swelling subsided really slow.. 



239 days after Two Jaw surgery


This photo was taken before Accusculpt lifting procedure and the cheek area seems bit chubby. In my case, the skin did not sag after surgery. And I heard a lot of people telling me my face got small.. hehe




 10 months after Two Jaw surgery




The surgery for accusculpt was concentrated on jaw line, double chin, and around the nose. After the surgery, my jaw line is more visible than before and  I can now smile and express myself naturally than before.

Not many people swell as much as I am, I think¡¦




1 Year after Two Jaw surgery


The swelling of Accusculpt subsided and¡¦


Here I am~~~ 




I never dreamed of what I¡¯m dreaming now before my plastic surgery.


I know that appearance is not everything, 

but as women, we all aim for beauty, right?






I thank BANOBAGI for giving me an opportunity to take a step forward to my dream. 






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