Gommy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Cindy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Stem cell Fat grafting + Smile V Lifting + Laser Lifting)





This is before and after fat grafting~!

Check-out the complete change!!

I am soooo happy! Hehe



Before/ After


Don’t I look about 5 years younger than before??

I never want to go back to before surgery..


If I didn’t get the fat grafting surgery done at Banobagi,

I will be living gloomy days now.


I should sincerely thank Dr. Barn JaeSang from Banobagi for what he has done for me.


Here, I want to share my review of plastic surgery from beginning til the end!







The day of the surgery


Ta dah!!

This is the designing by Dr. Barn before the surgery.

He was VERY professional and just drew on my face without any hesitation.


I have done total three procedures, and they are called

Stem cell Fat grafting +

Smile V Lifting +

Laser Lifting

which is called Soft Face Lifting.



And as for my first surgery, I have done the stem cell fat grafting with Laser lifting!

V-Lifting was suggested after swelling subsidence, so I should wait.



I had dull and fat face so fat grafting on overall face was done

and saggy skins on cheek area was removed.

The effect from laser lifting will be visible 1-2 months after,

and the effect lasts up to 3 years!!







On the day after surgery


I took this selfie as soon as I got home.

The fat extraction before the surgery hurt the most T.T

But I finished well and hot back home!!

My face very full!!







Before/ 5 days After



The white shirt is 5 days after, and green shirt is before the surgery~~

Actually, I was swelled for 3 days, and from 4th day, deswelling started.

And on the 5th day, I was able to take shower.

Taking shower was so refreshing!


I still have some swelling, so I had to hide the swelling on cheekbone with glasses.

But even with swelling, I can notice the difference!!


Well balanced slim face!!






Before/ 10 days After



I think most of the swelling is subsided~

What I hear the most these days is ‘you look young!’, and ‘you look elegant!’


What is most important is that people know I look young and better than before,

But do not know what I have done on my face!!!

I am naturally enhanced my look, and I told them I have magic potion that I take^^


I totally look different with volume on my face >.<

I cannot keep it for myself, but recommend stemcell fat grafting with laser lifting!







2 weeks after



It was my first day of work after surgery~!

I cannot laugh or smile big until this time,



Can you notice the VOLUMINOUS FOREHEAD with my hair up?!?!?!










I went to the clinic 1~ 2 weeks after for stitch-out on incision area.

I went to the clinic thinking to remove the stitches only,

and when I met Dr.Barn for a check-up,

he said I look good and injected V-botox for me…. Hahaha



V-botox injection is divided to 3 sessions,

intervals of 2 weeks for the best result.







20 days after surgery


Can you see my face is settling down?

I wanted deswelling effect after surgery, but as swelling actually subsides, I don’t want my volumes to go away T.T


I went out to meet a friend on that day and my friends were seriously curious about what I have done on my face! Haha

I told them I did nothing but maskpacks every night!

But they did not believe me, so I told them the truth.. ^^






Before the treatment



After the treatment




As I am writing the review, I compare myself and surprised!!

Even with mile on face, I have less sunken smile line!!


And one more thing!!



My jawline without any photoshop!!

My jaw line looks perfect from any angle, even from the bottom!!

And I love the voluminous FOREHEAD !! >.<

This is the power of combined fat grafting and lifting procedures!!





Before/ After




I love my forehead line from profile, and I love to take profile photos!!


My face is tightening up overall! And love to take photos from any angles >.<





1 month after surgery


I got V-botox for the second time!

I applied anesthesia cream this time ^^


My jaw line is becoming slimmer with V-botox!

I am surprised to see myself changing~






2 months after


Can you notice the luxurious profile??

Voluminous but natural forehead!!!

Wow, I feel like my skin is getting brighter as my face is tightened!

I hope you do not get me wrong, my skin condition was not as good as now,

but had wrinkles and dry skins.


See the amazing result with this??








Do not do big surgery, but become younger!!



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