Hajung’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Choco¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Two Jaw + Face contouring surgery)


I never thought this time will come, but it is already 1 year after my two jaw surgery!^^



This is me before the surgery. I never thought my face is that big, but after surgery, 

why is my before face so BIG?? T.T




Before the surgery 




3 days after the surgery 



I look so swelled, right?

All I was wondering was how to reduce this swelling in short time.

I had liquid food only during recovery time such as pumpkin juice, steamed eggs, soft breads, milk, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, seaweed soup, soymilk, yogurt, fruit juice vitamin drinks and more!


I tried my best to recover my body from surgery!^^

So I recovered well, and very healthy now ^^






1 month after the surgery 



I wore face band regularly with ice-pack massages.


After some recovery period, I was able to eat soup and little bit of ramen noodles~

And was feeling happy about myself for getting the surgery done!







3 months after the surgery 



It¡¯s already 3 months after surgery!

I recovered so well, that people do not notice my surgery history if I don¡¯t say anything!






6 months after the surgery 



I have done Accusculpting and fat grafting on face for smoother face line~







Love this profile photo~ ^^



Accusculpting removes the fats on double chin, and 

did fat grafting on forehead and cheek area!


Surgery wasn¡¯t painful as I thought, I slept and woke up, and surgery was done.^^


The result of this procedure is more effective after 1-2 months.

People say I look young and even asked for ID card at some places¡¦. ^^



The swelling made me look more younger which I hope it won¡¯t subside.. ^^;;

I understand now why people do fat grafting for face.










11 months after the surgery 



I visit dental clinic once a month and all the staffs and dentist at the clinic is soooo nice and caring which reminds me of my grandmother ^^


And orthodontic treatment isn¡¯t that painful after two jaw surgery, 

only when wisdom teeth extraction.^^


I am still wearing the braces, and there is my recent photo!

(Wow this day has come!! 1 year already!!^^ 


I love taking selfies as I get smaller and slimmer face the face line is more smooth. 

I do not use any filter to photoshop my selfie anymore!!

When others meet me in person, they compliment me for my perfect face line! >_<







I know and understand your concern about the surgery because I was too!  

For me, I truly think that I did a good job for making decision for the surgery.








Banobagi clinic studied and plan the surgery of me, and post-care was perfect for me to be comfortable after surgery.

Even until now, I thank Dr. Oh and Dr. Jung for Amazing job they have done for me.

Now I know why Korean people call plastic surgeons ¡°god¡± ^^


Be more Beautiful! 



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