Hanbyul’s Plastic Surgery Real Review



I arrived Banobagi at 8:30am!

I changed my clothes and put my stuff in the locker and took some before photos.


Then I was informed about instructions, precautions, and met my surgeons(Dr.Han and Dr. Park) for accurate explanation and went over how surgery will be proceeded.


My first surgery was eyelid surgery, it went over so fast!! Then I was asleep for long time for rest of the surgeries. When I woke up from the recovery room, the time was about 9 pm.


I wanted to drink water, but I had to wait for 5 hours to drink water.. T.T and I had to breathe well to exhale anesthesia gas in order to drink water.



I finally drank water at around 2 am. I drank as much as I could, and learnt how to gargle after. I think I drank a lot of orange juice and soy milk over night.




1 day after the surgery 


The blood drain in my mouth was taken off in the morning which felt really weird

It took me about an hour to get home, and I felt like vomiting and dizzy on the way home and felt exhausted when I got home.

The next day, I took the tapes off on my face with warm water. Wow.. swelling is so bad.. 




 1 week after the surgery



I was appointed for massaging ad post care at the clinic with check-up. They took the splint on my nose bridge out. Cleansing->Peeling-> circulation massage-> mask packs were done and I went to remove the stitches on my eyes, nose, and behind the ear.


Stitch removal for eyes,,, was painful T.T then I met the surgeons for check-ups. The surgeons told me that I still have much swelling which should be subsided.


I can now have soft food such as tofu, and eggs.


Also I started to wear faceband which is bit hurting at first, but will get used to it. I wear faceband for an hour, then have ice pack massage, then do warm towel massage. After massaging, I can see the difference that swelling is done down a lot more than before.


2 weeks after the surgery 



I can easily move my mouth around, and instead of gargling, I use toothbrush to brush my teeth. It feels really fresh!! Haha


I try to wear faceband for at least 4 hours a day as instructed, 

but still wear mask when I go out because of the swelling.



And I put on make-ups for the first time after surgery!! Ta Dah!!


I enjoy wearing make-ups and go out. 

All my friends complement me for my pretty look after surgery~


I still have some swelling on my cheek area which I cover with my hair, but my friends say that just look like I got botox injection done. I love looking in the mirror¡¦


I can eat basically anything now, but still try to avoid too chewy food such as rare meat, dried squid or octopus. Teeth hurt and also it strains the jaw. 





 1 month after the surgery



It has been exactly one month after the surgery. 


My hair was short before, and I did extension and my face looks slimmer! 

I wear facebands often at home, and brush my teeth as instructed.


I worried about the swelling because it did not go away as soon as I thought, 

but it¡¯s already a month ago.


When I look at my photo before, it really doesn¡¯t look like me. 

It¡¯s amazing how much I changed.





 Before / After



My nose bridge got higher, and T zone line on face looks more defined. 


I still have some swelling left which makes me look a bit chubby. 

My friends tell me I look like I gained some weight,, 


but it is swelling which will all go away ~ 



Here are my side photos.


I never thought of me without bangs, 

but my forehead looks better after nose job, 

and I don¡¯t worry even without the bangs now~



Should I take pumpkin juice again?

I think the swelling subsides slowly because I have thick skin¡¦

But compare to before, I have clearer eyes, higher nose, and beautiful profile^^


I think I still have to be more patient for swelling subsidence, 

but my friends envy me for how prettier I became after surgery *^^*



I cut my hair back, to cover my jaw line, but people say I look better with short hair ^^ 





 2 months after the surgery 


On this day, I went to Hongik University area and hung out with friends had delicious food, watched movie, and got my nails done!

The friend who I haven¡¯t met for long time told me my eyes got bigger, and nose and forehead line look fantastic!!

So Happy!!!!!


3 months after the surgery 



It¡¯s been already 3 months since I got the surgery done!  

Time really flies!!


Like others who has done the plastic surgery, I, too love t take selfies!!!!




Can you notice the shortened chin? 

It looks slimmer and swelling on cheek and jaw line are subsiding now~



4 months after the surgery


I went to the clinic for a check-up and suggested for Accu lifting, after 3- 4 months, 

the minor swelling subsides drastically~~ 



Look at the drawings on my face ~~ hehe 

I have done the surgery before, but got nervous again before the surgery, 

but also was excited!


I slowly got under anesthesia and woke up. 

Everything was finished.



There is some bumpiness right after the surgery, but not much swelling.


I want to have slimmer face as Accusculpt lifting effect, and thank you in advance for the Accusculpt surgery Surgeons!! 



As I get confident on my look, 

I cannot control myself from taking selfies,,,,,,,



This is my before..




Can you see the difference?? From my profile, the nose bridge line, with defined face line !!


The image of a person can change by only face line change, and it is true!

The Great advantage of Banobagi is that nothing is too much, 


it is naturally done for the best result!


I¡¯m having happy days with good effect of Accusculpt lifting 

and fat removal on cheek area~~ 


5 months after the surgery




Isn¡¯t it amazing??


Adjusted face line, better skin tone. Banobagi was like a skill of God.


I am so impressed with the result everytime I see the before photos.. 

I did changed a lot, and I feel different about myself, more confident.





 6 months after the surgery



It¡¯s been already 6 months,,

I was nervous before the surgery of course, but never regret of getting the surgery done. 


My complex are gone, but found confident instead.





I truly thank the surgeons and staff of Banobagi who have done fantastic job for me!


I never thought of myself in the mirror like this, but feeling happy every time I do these days.



Happy memories created by Banobagi, 

I will never foget. 

It is the turning point of my life!! 



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