Heedong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Latte¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Two Jaw, Jutting Chin Surgery) 



I want to share my story of past one year >_<



Since I got a lot of information through other patients¡¯ real story, 

I want to be a help for someone who is interested. 








 1~7 days after the surgery




The most difficult time for me out of whole surgery memory was the first two days.

Banobagi staffs were always with me to help me out and supported me during my stay in the clinic from one to ten. 


I was discharged 3 days after and felt much better. My mom and I went to have the noodle soup and I drank only the soup and went for a walk with mask on.


As you can see the photo on the 6th day, even with swelling on face, I could see the difference without jutting chin.


So Happy already.. 


2 weeks after 



This is the time when I was always wearing the face band. 

I don¡¯t know where that is now.. haha There is a lot of swelling still, but I tried to manage myself well for swelling subsidence by taking a walk and wearing face band.






 3 weeks after




It¡¯s been only 3 weeks and I can see the feminine line of my face. 

My front chin got shorter, and cheekbone is reduced and made my face line smoother. 

I still have the swelling, but I feel like my face is smaller than before.





 4 weeks after




I wore the brace after 4 weeks when wafer was taken out. 

I could open my mouth as wide as one finger in.


You must practice mouth opening after two jaw surgery to avoid the difficulties when wearing braces. I put the brackets in the upper teeth first, then on lower teeth one week after.


I was instructed to smile a lot to have natural muscle settlement on face, 

so I did but it was a bit awkward..

You can basically eat anything soft now.





 Before / After




Here is the profile comparison, what do you think? 

There still some swelling on double chin area, but you can clearly see the difference, right? The best thing I like about the result is that my jutting chin is gone forever!!




1 month after


I was about to eat more and more when I could start eating,, 

so I try not to gain weight anymore to have the best result of surgery. 

When you get two jaw surgery done, you can¡¯t eat much and lose weight at first, 

so keep up to have diet effect!




2 months after



I can see my beauty from the second month after surgery.*^^* 

that¡¯s so amazing how I get to see different me~ 

I went out a lot and met friend for a movie and good food. 

After the two jaw surgery, People ask if I got nose surgery done. 


As my face line enhanced, my eyes and nose looks more defined. 





10 weeks after 



After 10 weeks, the minor swelling suddenly subsided. 

I worried about the swelling because my swelling stayed longer than other patients. According to the stories I read.. but it is almost gone now, 

so don¡¯t worry if your swelling stays long!


I could open my mouth about 2 fingers in, so I had to practice mouth opening! 





Before/ After



How do I look? Not even the profile, but the front is different, too. 

I love to hear people saying good things about my result~ 

my family members were most surprised about the change. 


It looks naturally beautiful <3


4 months after 



Around this time is when you forgot about the surgery history¡¦ 

you don¡¯t have much to be careful or feel discomfort. hehe


I put my hair down long without the bangs. 

This never could be tried before the surgery. 

I look good on every hair style. This is really because of my changed face line.


I look feminine than ever~ this is what I wanted T.T


5 months after



I try many different styles, 

and found the best make-up and hair styles on me for more feminine look with confident~


I visit dental clinic regularly and happy to see the straightened teeth.





I can smile more naturally than before!

The hat wasn¡¯t my thing, but look at me! 


Any kinds of hats I wear, I look good on it!


I can open my mouth as wide as 3 fingers in. 


I can eat different kinds of meat now. 


6 months after



I phone is now full of my selfies and cannot hold the memory anymore!!!


I get advantages after becoming pretty, so I try to manage myself to lose weight.




7 months after



As I got shorter chin than before, I guess the skin under my chin became double chin. 

I tried the diet first, then get treatment called Accusculpting.



8 months after



There is saying, Women's Greed is endless,,, 


when I got the accusculpting, I got slight nose surgery done to correct the tip of my nose from Dr. Kim. Isn¡¯t it so naturally done? >_<


9 months after



My double chin is gone after accusculpting!!! 

I found my appetite back after surery and gained weight, but not on double chin! 


How lucky!! >_<


10 months after



I can eat burgers now~ 

I can put 4 fingers in~ it can be fully opened now~~~


I became so pretty~~ 

Not only I became pretty, but the jaw joint sounding I had before the surgery is now gone! 


11 months after



I prepared for two jaw surgery for 10 years and the result was satisfying. 

My mom disagreed for my surgery at first, but now, she said I have done a good job. 




 12 months after






It¡¯s like panorama photos I have. 


I thank Banobagi for everything they have done for me

I am grateful that I met Dr,Oh and Dr.Kim >_<



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