Hope’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Deening¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour, Nose, and Eye Surgery) 



Hello all! I¡¯m Deening, 

and it feels really weird to go over the whole history of my plastic surgery and share, 

but here we go~~





I was self-conscience about my angled jaw line since I was young.

This gave me a lot of stress, so I decided to get the surgery done to get rid of it!






 On the day of the surgery



I went to the clinic by myself without guardian nor friends, but I wasn¡¯t that nervous. 

I was just too tired that just wanted lie down on bed.





 Right after the surgery


When I woke up, operation was over and I was in the room. 

There was some place like recovery room and the nurse inform me to breathe a lot to exhale the anesthesia gas for fast recovery. 





 5 days after surgery



I washed my hair for the first time after surgery!! 

This felt soooooo clean!!!

I tried to make cover to cover my face so it doesn¡¯t get wet.





7 days after the surgery


This day, I took a shower for the first time after the surgery!! 


Taking Shower was this Important!!!! 

I got surgery done in May, and it was getting hot you know.. 






For the best face line, I had to wear face band as instructed.

I wore it 4 times a day, with 1 hour resting for many days.




 2 weeks after the surgery



I had prawn snack that I wanted so bad!! 

Though I couldn¡¯t eat it like before yet, but still tasted good ^^ 



The coke bottle says ¡®Your're So Beautiful¡¯

That refers to me! hehe 





 1 month after the surgery



It is still bit awkward, but this photo is like a legendary photo to me! 

One of the best photos I love!! <3


6 weeks after the surgery


There might be possibility of infection if I don¡¯t gargle often, 

so I gargled every after I ate something. 


2 months after the surgery


The most drastic hair change in my life !!!


I always had long hair style since young, but finally, I cut it short.

This is what I wanted to do when I get the surgery done. And I did it ! 






All my friends love it more than me!!

They love the hair style and told me it looks really good on me 😀





Swelling subsided a lot now, so I fill the empty area with cotton for face banding.

My change is so dramatic like a new born baby~~~ 





I can now wear make-ups.


I had an opportunity to visited Cebu, Philippines. 

Local people asked if I was American, but I told them that I am Korean~ 

Do I look like American?? Haha



I can eat mostly anything now~ 


3 months after the surgery


Before the surgery, I never tied my hair, 

but now days, when I tie my hair, my friends like the look.

And when I put my hair down, they still like the look


because I look good on any hair style! >_<



I wear the cap backwards now. 

Before, I had to cover the front and side with my hair¡¦





 5 months after the surgery



I cut and made bangs~~

It¡¯s like new me every time I change my hair! 







With my new look, I take thousands of selfies and my phone gallery is filled with 

3,500 recent photos of ME !!! >_<





I tried nose pack and this felt good, too! 




6 months after the surgery


I¡¯m living totally different life in a good way after surgery. 


I do not force anyone to get the surgery done.


But if you are self-conscience of your own appearance, 

you can change to be confident and beloved person after surgery 


because your attitude will change as your appearance change!





Everything seems good and make me happy these days.


My dad always says he doesn¡¯t like the fact that I got the surgery done, 

but he loves the change in my personality after surgery.^^






Thank you so much for giving me a New Life to Live BANOBAGI!! 






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