Hyejung’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Meuw¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Paranasal implant+ eyes +nose)





The time flies so fast that I do not even remember the history that I got the surgery done!

Well here is the overall review of my plastic surgery after 6 months. 






Before the plastic surgery



As you can see, I have developed protruded asymmetric cheekbone and face structure. This made me self-discouraged and I hated taking photos especially with others. 

This appearance made me a timid person and it was hard for me to do social life which made me decide to get the plastic surgery done.


At Banobagi clinic, I have done Face contouring, 

eyes and nose with paranasal implant insertion and here is the changes in order.






 Right after the plastic surgery



You cannot even imagine if that is me or not.. but, it is me..


Wow,, when I see that photo, 

I am amazed to myself that I passed through that difficult times.


I was hospitalized for one day after surgery, and had to irritate nurses for such requests. 

But I was impressed that the nurses were kind and caring until the end. <3






3 days/ 4 days/ discharge day after the surgery



I was a bit worried to go home by myself, 

so I stayed in the guest house right next to the clinic for 2 days.


The swelling was worst on the 4th day after surgery. 

It was winter time and I covered myself all over and went home. 


As it is summer time now, it seems too hot, 

but I know that the weather was that cold at that time. ^^


1 week after the plastic surgery



I went to meet the surgeon for a check-up and stitch removal 1 week after the surgery. When I met the surgeon, he told me that I am the one of lucky patient who has almost o swelling. He also mentioned that surgery went well ^^




I lost some weight right after the surgery because I couldn¡¯t eat well. 

But I blended the fruits and made fruit juice, and had pumpkin soup and soymilk for nutrition.

 I tried hard to manage the swelling subsidence by wearing face bands.





 3 weeks after the plastic surgery




 I was able to eat soft foods such as eggs, soups, and tofu. 

So I ate them a lot.. hehe do I really don¡¯t have that much swelling? 

But I can see that my face became slimmer than before. 


I did have difficult times during post-operation period, 

but the result makes me forget that time.





1 month after the plastic surgery



Comparison photo before and after! You can clearly see that left cheekbone is developed more than the right side in the before photo, right?


I had that asymmetric face structure, 

but glad that it is not that much noticeable after surgery.


Before and 1 month after the plastic surgery



Comparison photo before and after! 

You can clearly see that left cheekbone is developed more than the right side in the photo, right?


I had that asymmetric face structure, 

but glad that it is not that much noticeable after surgery.





 2 months after the plastic surgery




You can see the change in my face structure now, right? 

From this period, I tried to wear make-up and concentrated on styling. 


This happens for patients who got surgery done, but for me too,

I got confident after surgery and tried many styles to find my style.


People noticed that I lost some weight and told me that I look better than before, 

but they did not notice that I got the face contouring surgery done 

because it is so naturally done!





 3 months after the plastic surgery




I had pork and beef, fried chickens and pizza. I ate them slowly to be careful, 

but fully enjoyed having them.


The minor swelling seems subsided, and I slept well without worrying anymore. 





 4 months after the plastic surgery




I liked my skin tone before, but it wasn¡¯t that noticeable. 

Now, after plastic surgery, as I got confident in appearance 


I am so glad that I have this white and smooth skin >_<


I take selfies every single day and happy to see my change. 





5 months after the plastic surgery



I took so many photos before Accusculpt lifting procedure.^^


My swelling wasn¡¯t that severe, which is good. 

The surgeon precisely performed the accusculpt lifting for me!




3 days after the Accusculpt surgery



I have done the accusculpt lifting 5 months after the plastic surgery 

for my cheek and double chin. The swelling subsided drastically after 3 days.


The effect of Accusculpt lifting will appear 3 months after the surgery, 

so I did cold and warm towel massage to wait for the result.^^




 7 days after the Accusculpt surgery




It¡¯s been 7 days only, and the swelling subsided all already! 

There is no bruise to cover with make-ups, so I took more photos. Hehe

As I have better appearance, I try to manage my skin more and become prettier ^^ 




6 months after the plastic surgery 



It¡¯s been already 6 months after the surgery. 

Wow. All the major and minor swelling subsided and sensation is back to normal.


I don¡¯t have to do photoshop on every photo I take, 

nor cover my side with hair to not show my asymmetric face. 


The most happiest thing is that I found my confidence !!





I did change a lot compare to before the surgery, right? ^-^


I truly thank Banobagi surgeons for the excellent job they have done for me!





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