Irene’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Moonie¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Eyes + Nose + Forehead Fat Grafting surgery)






Hello ! I¡¯m Moonie~~


Before the surgery, I heard lot of people saying I have uniqueness, 

I look like a boy, or fish. T.T

Here is my before photo for your reference¡¦.







I don¡¯t know what to say¡¦..

Masculine face, strong image,,

Between my eyes are too wide which make me look like Wooperlooper, 

and forehead was too flat which made my face dull.


For long time, I concerned about plastic surgery due to my complex on appearance, 

I finally decided to get the surgery done. 






The photos are in order!


Before the surgery ? On the day of the surgery ? 

3 days after ? 4 days after – 5 days after ? and 6 days after!


First day and the second day, I was swelled too much, but I was feeling okay.


I couldn¡¯t wash my hair by myself, so I let it for 4 days,, hahahah 

I went to the hair salon on the 5th day and washed my hair. So refreshing~~~


The bandage was removed 5 days after and I could see my nose bridge and forehead. 

Oh my gosh!!!!


My friends were also excited to see my result after swelling goes down!





 7 days after



It¡¯s been 7 days~

Lot of swelling and bruise gone down. I wear the mask when I go out, 

that has no problem doing everyday activity.





 2 weeks after




I uploaded the first photo to my SNS and the reactions from my friends were unbelievable¡¦.. wow

I thought I was celebrity or something! Haha


I could do the make-ups and took selfies everyday. 

As I become prettier, I tried to manage myself better to look better^^



I had bad habit of biting nails for long, but this habit was totally gone after surgery!







I still have the swelling because it¡¯s been only two weeks, 

but compare to before, I look more defined, right? 


Wow,, even at this moment when I write this diary I am so impressed.. T.T


I think I had minor swelling and yellow bruise, 

it made my face more roundy and voluminous which looked cute. Hehe







1 month after



All the swelling seems subsided!!

I had to wear make up to make my eyes and nose defined with heavy eyeliner, 

and shading for face, coloring took me about 2 hours to get ready to go out¡¦


After the surgery, I look good without make up and cry everyday for impressing outlook¡¦ T.T


I finish everything in 10 minutes!




 I had to take hundreds of selfies to get 1 best shot. 

But now, however I take, the photo is kept in my gallery~ hehe






As I became more feminine, I am more interested in styling.

I do my hair, eyelash extension, buy cosmetics~!!

Even after eye surgery, there is no restriction in wearing contact lenses or do eyelash extension 1 month after the surgery!!!


When I put on BB cream and lipstick, my make-up is done! 

it¡¯s all because of bigger eyes and higher nose!!


I am still a bit awkward when people compliment my appearance, 

but when I hear people saying I look like one of the celebrity, 


it feels really GOOOOD ^_^






2 months after




 Here is the comparison.. wow.. I did look mannish..

The outfit on the right side is the one that I bought even before the plastic surgery, but was kept in the closet because it didn¡¯t look good on me.

But with more feminine image, I can wear it with 100% confident!

My outfit shines and my face shines~~!!! *^^*





I just don¡¯t forget to take selfies everyday and everywhere I go. People come and compliment about my look and consult me regarding plastic surgery to me.. hahah

But consultation should be done by professional consultant, and surgery done by specialist!!

Thank you Surgeons T.T







The good looking part-timer at the cafe compliment me saying I am pretty >_<


Also the foreigner came up to me at Itaewon and started talking to be saying I look pretty~ Wow this is happening to me!!!

I had eyes small as button holes and blunt nose like koala before, and now,, 


I just look better than ever!!!



Selfie with hood, weird expressions, before and after tells how different I look.

Even with weird expression, I just look good in the pix. Haha






I went to Taiwan recently, and there was big issue I will never forgery.. heheheh


I had my passport with enough expiration date, so I did not think of changing the passport photo and went abroad. I was at the customs in Taiwan and the staff looked strange when he saw my passport photo and real me. 

He asked if I got plastic surgery done and I said yes,, and guess what he said to me.


He said I look better after surgery done, and it looks really natural!!! Hahaha

Because of this issue, I took longer time than others going through customs..hehe






I try different styles of make-up on. Make-up in the photo is Korean Idol Hyunah¡¯s make-up. As I have bigger eyes and nose, the atmosphere changes and I look good on every image!!





4months after


 I am interested in acting and had few interviews recently. 


The interviewers compliment me for my image. 

They said I was the one they were looking for. >_< So impressive!!!! 


No more flat and dull face! My face is now 3D, no, 4D !!!! *^^*





5 months after


 I¡¯m so in to natural make-ups these days, and this is natural me~

I met my school mate on the street and he was telling me how much I got prettier ON THE STREET which was a bit embarrassing. Hehe







Same wear, different look, what had happened over a year..??

I thought I look good on that uniform a year ago, but oh mymy,,,


I just look way better than before with vital eyes, and sharp nose~






 I changed my hair color to black!

I never looked good on black hair, but after surgery, even black hair looks good on me!!

My friends tell me I look different, but not much. I just look better than before^^



When I upload my photos on the SNS, I get all the ¡®likes¡¯ from my SNS friends~ 






Here is my last before and after photo. I spent money on that photoshoot,, T.T


I thank Banobagi Plastic surgery Clinic for this fantastic job!!!!!









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