Jinkyung’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Almond’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Breast Augmentation Surgery)




I have concerned about breast augmentation for 20 years, and now, here is my real story of my breast augmentation done at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic!






I am 173cm tall, and my weight is 52kg.







The photo is taken on the day of the surgery.



I was told that breast augmentation is the most painful surgery in plastic surgery,

but it didn’t hurt as much as I thought!


I went to the bathroom by myself and I was fine!









The implant I inserted was 290cc,

and I removed the compression band on breast on the 4th day.



It really didn’t hurt as much as I thought!

I think I am recovering fast because I incised under the breast, not armpit.








10 days after



I removed the stitches and swelling has subsided a lot!

Now I can get started on scar care!

I will have more natural breast soon, right?






3 weeks after



The time flies~

I forgetting the time when I got the surgery done.

I don’t feel like it is foreign body anymore.

I have rippling, but I heard that it will face away after recovery period.


I had VERY flat breast,

and now I have Full B size breast!

I was very skinny,,

The size of the implant usually makes about C size for others.






Incision area 4 weeks after




Scab on scar area is all torn off naturally.

I hope all the scar will face away soon, too!!







6 weeks after



Whenever I wear the bikini, it was so big and lose that I feel like my nipples will show off before the surgery.

But here you can see that I have Volume UP !!


Summer should be come soon!

I wore the bikini for the first time today, and I fell so sexy for myself!!







8 weeks after



I went to buy more bra~

I resized it at the lingerie shop, and now I have 75 C as my size.


Rippling is gone, and volume on upper breast now became more natural.


I am fully satisfied !!

I want to go to hot springs when my scars are fully healed~







3 months after



I didn’t have to massage after surgery

like past breast augmentation surgery post-op care.


Management after surgery is so much convenient!!


What I regret is that I should have done it sooner!!

But as I have fuller breast now,,

I am so happy <3







20 weeks after




I don’t feel like implant is foreign body at all!

It is not so round, but natural, I love it!

And texture of the implant is more natural (:








8 months after



My scar became better after few more laser treatments.^^


As I don’t see scar anymore, I feel like I didn’t get the surgery done!

Mine is round type implant, but I feel like I have done the teardrop shape,

it is that natural to me!


I am so happy about the result!

Now I look in the mirror every single that which I never did before surgery!

I truly thank Banobagi and Dr. Barn JaeSang for the Fantastic job he has done for me.


Not as mother, but as a woman, I am fully satisfied.

I think I will live my life with confident (:


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