Jundori’s Two Jaw Surgery Real Review


Jundori¡¯s Two Jaw Surgery Real Review


(Pre-orthodontic treatment+ Two Jaw surgery)



Before the orthodontic treatment


I had open-bite malocclusion and wanted to get Two jaw surgery done. Due to malocclusion, I had to wear braces for 1 year before the two jaw surgery.


Taking a look at my teeth condition before, I have open-bite which means upper and lower teeth do not touch together to chew.

Due to this open-bite condition, I couldn¡¯t chew or eat food properly!

My expectation for straight teeth and get two jaw surgery done made me decide for pre-orthodontic treatment.






2 months after orthodontic treatment


It felt like my chin became longer than before I started wearing the braces with protrusion. But after 2 months, I can literally feel that my chin got little slimmer and shorter.

Especially, my teeth are finding it¡¯s place!

So Happy! 



Before the two jaw surgery 


When I went for a last check-up before the two jaw surgery, I was surprised how much my teeth changed to be placed straight.

Severely crooked teeth are now straight and upper and lower teeth are now close enough to touch each other.


I am now so excited to get the surgery done finally!!!!





 3 days after the two jaw surgery


I got two jaw surgery done. not much swelling as much as I thought.

The nurses told me I have less swelling compare to other patients.

Am I the one who born to get the surgery done?? haha



Can you see the shortened lower jaw??

There is swelling but I can see the change!! 





 2 weeks after the two jaw surgery


I manage myself well for swelling subsidence.

I do ice and hot towel massages, with face band on regularly every 4 hours~ 


1 month after the two jaw surgery


Of course there is swelling because it¡¯s been only one month, 

but it seems pretty okay, right?


I always had to put y head down to cover my face, but one month after the surgery, 

I found out how fun it is to take selfies~~~


And I am more confident when I walk with my head up now! 




And here is my teeth condition at the moment,

So straight now, right?

But it is not finished yet, I have to wear the braces for little longer ~




2 months after the two jaw surgery


Everything settled down to its place now I think. I have no problem doing everyday activity, but still have malfunction in biting food, so I have to be careful.





 3 months after the two jaw surgery


More swellings subsided, and I get more confidence!!

Long cucumber face became egg shaped! Hehe

It is so amazing..!!!! ^^




4 months after the two jaw surgery 


I got a job recently. Before the surgery, I had to put my head down all the time to avoid eye contact with them, but as I get more confidence, this is the beautiful change for me.




5 months after the two jaw surgery 


I can now eat hard food without pain!

You know, I suffered from difficulties right after surgery, and the time past really fast as it is already 5 months passed!!

And as time flies, I find myself taking more and more selfies¡¦ haha







7 months after the two jaw surgery 


My best profile photo !

I recently removed the braces and wearing retainer at the moment.

It is so much refreshing to have teeth without braces!!!

After the two jaw surgery, 

I am more than happy that I got confidence + appearance + popularity !!!! ^^






8 months Before /after the two jaw surgery 




Are you SURPRISED?? ^^;;;

So am I !!!

I cannot even imagine this is me!!

This dramatic change cannot take smile away from me ! ^____^


Selfie taken from any angle seems stylish..

I do take too much selfies than usual men, but it is because I love the new look after the surgery which gives me more confident.

And,, Don¡¯t I look good enough to feel confident about my appearance now?? Haha







12 months after the two jaw surgery 




 It¡¯s been already 1 year after the two jaw surgery.

I have compared my teeth condition of before and after.

It looks like different person¡¯s teeth, no? haha






I Sincerely thank Banobagi surgeons for changing me from always discouraged and coward person to confident and positive person.



I also found that the purpose of two jaw surgery is not for aesthetic purpose, 

but for people who have functional problems.


People who suffer from complex due to appearance, discouraged, 

or have functional matters and cannot chew or eat food, 


I guarantee that it can be changed and you can live a new life.


Do not hesitate for your better future!!  



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