Jungah’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Irene¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Face contouring + Rhinoplasty revision surgery)



Hello all, I have done the profile surgery at Banobagi and 

cannot take mirror off of my hand because I love my look now.. >_<






I have done double eyelid surgery with double non incision method, 

and rhinoplasty with forehead implant insertion.


Here is y before photo¡¦.. so dull and flat..!






4 days after profile surgery^^



 I get bruise easily, and after the surgery, bruise appeared more than other patients, 

but swelling wasn¡¯t that severe!





2 weeks after profile surgery!



Not because of swelling, but because of bruise, I did massage with rare beef >_<


It¡¯s been only 2 weeks, but I don¡¯t have major swellings~ 

I just wish for swelling to last like this~ it look natural^^





3 weeks after profile surgery!



I did make-up for the first time after surgery. Before the surgery, not much things changed even after some make-up on, but as I got defined face, it is fun to do make-ups>_<






Natural nose bridge but pretty curved line~

Except for my friends, other do not notice my nose surgery! It is that natural!





1 month after profile surgery ^^



Before/ After






Before/ After





Eye swelling 2 weeks after/ 5 weeks after



I didn¡¯t have much swelling on nose, but I did have some swelling on eyes. 

But as 5 weeks passes, there is no swelling you can find~~





2 months after profile surgery !



Here is the close up photos of scarring after surgery!

Not so visible, right? When time passes, I think it will fade away>_<





3 months after profile surgery ^^



I don¡¯t remember my before..!

I did really good job for choosing Banobagi for the surgery! Thank you ^^





Comparison before/ 6 weeks/ 3 months







Comparison before/ 6 weeks/ 3 months




Nose bridge after 3 months is most natural and high up ^^ 

it just fits perfectly on my face^^ Fully satisfied!






 Before/ 3 months after profile surgery



The best thing happened after profile surgery is that I am more confident about myself now.

Because of flat face make me look dull, 

I was discouraged of my appearance and never took profile photos.


Dr.Lee found the volume of my face and made my face new! 


I don¡¯t have complex of my face anymore! 

Happy about everything after surgery!!

I thank Banobagi once again for find confidence of me!! ^^



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