Lemon C’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Yeondoo’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Double jaw + Face contour surgery)



Angled face turned to Goddess Face!!

Can’t take mirror off of my hand~






10 days after surgery

I am still swelled, right?

I hope time will pass faster~








19 days after surgery

I didn’t take the photo foe few days, and today, I can see that swelling subsided a lot.

I am surely swelled, but I look way before than before surgery *^^*







26 days after surgery

I found my neck that was hidden behind my jaw!

Long neck was hidden in the long face!!


I blend to eat everything, because I can chew right now.

I want to eat hamburgers~







40 days after surgery

My face is bumpy, a little bit~

Cheeks, nose, jaw line is a bit bumpy~

If I want to look slim, the time has to be 9pm. Haha








54 days after surgery

I was instructed to practice mouth opening little by little.

I can only open my mouth about 2 fingers in,


But when can I eat something tasty ,,T.T







68 days after surgery

I can now open my mouth wide as 3 fingers in!

So proud of myself!

But my skin is coarse, so I ordered some shipment for skin care








73 days after surgery

As you can see, my cheek area is not that smooth..

This area takes longest time for minor swelling to subside~

Jaw line is now visible and I love it !






96 days after surgery

My face is more natural now~

I can eat hamburger using cutting knfe~


I can now open my mouth wider than 3 fingers in!



When I look over the photo before surgery, it is whole new person!






110 days after surgery

I became more feminine after surgery, so I try wear clothes more girlish than before.

I also spend longer time to do make-ups because I look like woman now!!!



But still have to get used to do make-up on new face!








5 months after surgery

Tying hair up still looks good on my changed face!

Because my face got small,

When I tie my hair up, peers say my head is small as beans!!








11 months after surgery

I feel like I didn’t get the surgery done these days because I got so used to my face now, and it looks so natural!

My nose didn’t get widen.

I think it depends by the patients whoever gets widen nose after two jaw surgery.









12 months after surgery

I want to try different hair style~

My face fats are all gone now~


I take more photos, and look in the mirror often ^^


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