Minji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hyeri¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw + Face contouring + Rhinoplasty revision surgery)



I had self-esteem due to protruded mouth since young.

This mouth made my image strong and looks mad all the time.

I also look older than my age which was very stressful.T.T







Before Surgery



I look okay when I smile, but when I have no expression, 

my mouth protrusion is worse with thicker lips..


So I went to the plastic surgery clinic and found out about Two Jaw Surgery.






I have done Two jaw surgery with Cheekbone and jaw reduction surgery.

I couldn¡¯t et any the night before and felt nervous and couldn¡¯t sleep.. T.T







When I woke up, the surgery was done, 

and I couldn¡¯t say in word how I felt at that time.. T.T


I could breathe with my nose only, which was very discomforting and feel like sleeping.


But while I was staying in the clinic, Dr.Oh and Dr.Jung came to check my condition and encouraged me which made me felt relieving.




 1 week after surgery




I took the photo with face band on!


Swelling is subsiding than the first day, and bruise under eyes are fading away. 

I guess best recovery is home ^^






3 weeks after surgery



I went for a check-up at the dentist and still, I can only eat soft food.. T.T


I have done cheekbone and square jaw reduction together,

that¡¯s why my recovery is slower than others..


I should be more patient with swelling subsidence~






Before and After



Here is the comparison of before and after the surgery~


I can see how amazing the result is after two jaw surgery by comparison.




2 months after surgery



I can now eat anything which make me gain more weight. I should started on my diet..

I felt much pain right after the surgery, but now, I don¡¯t even remember the pain. Some people I know do not notice me as same person, and some say I look younger than before which is good~~







3 months after surgery



I had no difficulties in anything now, only I can see more fats on cheek area as I eat more¡¦


Swellings have subsided, and cheekbone is reduced very much, right?

I was discouraged because of cheekbone and square jaw, but not anymore!


I was wearing braces after surgery, and do not know until when I have to wear this..T.T


I hated my profile because of my protruded mouth, but now, 

I am amazed to see my profile everyday!






Before and After



No make-up in both photos, and see the difference in slimmer face in the after photo? 

The face got smaller, and bumpy face line became smooth^^






6 months after surgery



Finally have done the Accusculpting!

Most people who have done the face contouring get Accusculpting done. 


I was nervous before the surgery, but it was like a treatment, 

the surgery was done so fast and it did not hurt!


I slept and woke up, and it was done! hehe

Swelling isn¡¯t that bad at all ^^






7 months after surgery



As time passes, it seems like I had this face since born,, haha


Before I had developed cheekbone and square jaw with protruded mouth, 

which made me look angry at all times and it made me stressful. 


The surgery has corrected these matters and complex is fully healed now.






I have done the nose revision surgery which was firstly done at other clinic. 

I used septum and ear cartilage with W incision method. 


The forehead fat grafting is done on forehead using fats extracted from thighs! 




The best thing I am satisfied after nose revision surgery is my changed image which was strong due to silicone on glabella, but droopy nose tip has enhanced. It looks like I look younger than before because of lowered nose bridge~







9 months after surgery



The swelling from two jaw surgery is almost gone, but little swelling left from accusculpting. 

I am excited to see final result after all the swelling subsidence!!


I am fully satisfied about the surgery and result!! 100% !!


So many things changed in my life in a good way. 

I had difficult times after surgery, 


but it is all erased and make me happy whenever I see myself and taking selfies.



I am so happy to live these days!





Two jaw surgery is usually done at dental clinic with orthodontic treatment. 

I have consulted with dental clinics or plastic surgery clinic with dental clinic collaborated, but some only suggested orthodontic treatment. 


But when I think about it now, 

I wouldn¡¯t be the case for orthodontic only, but also two jaw surgery together. 


I did have protruded mouth with little bit of jutting chin..




What if I chose the wrong clinic and not do the surgery, but only orthodontic treatment? 

Then the result will not be satisfying,, but now, even if I am wearing the braces, 

I know my mouth protrusion is corrected so it is very satisfying. 

Happy ^^






I changed so much, right??

I hated the masculine face with protruded mouth!!!!! 


I had severe smile line wrinkle caused by mouth protrusion.


I am happy to have younger appearance, and smooth face line with face contouring surgery for cheekbone and square jaw reduction.  






Before and after 



My protruded mouth is gone, and I have smoother jaw line. 

I can take profile photos with no problem now~~!!


I am more confident about myself and glad it is done naturally ^^


I thank Dr.Oh and Banobagi Plastic surgery clinic 

for everything they have done for me ^^






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