Minwoo’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Minwoo¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contour + eyes + nose)



I have done the face contouring for cheekbone and square jaw, eyes for double eyelid and ptosis correction, Nose for nose bridge, nose tip, and hump reduction. 


I was self-discouraged due to angled jaw line and humped nose, 

and always wanted to have brighter eyes.


Before the surgery


After getting all the surgery done, when I look at my before photo, 

I cannot imagine myself having so much space on face with blunt nose and small eyes.

Even though I decided to get the surgery, I didn¡¯t wanted to change drastically, 

and it turned out to be how I wanted. 





3~4 days after surgery 


I had some difficult time right after the surgery, 

but the nurse in the clinic took care of my even late at night and that impressed me. 


I did the check-up and took off the hemovac, and bands and discharged home the next day.



3~4 days after, I torn off the tape that was on my jaw line as instructed. 

There were some swellings and bruise, 

but I was patient enough to wait until it all goes away.





13 days after surgery 


All the stitches on my face is removed, with splint on nose bridge. 

I was impressed how surgeons and staffs in the clinic treated me 

every time I visit They were so caring!


It¡¯s been only 2 weeks, but can see the jaw line now. 

There is some swelling, but no more angled jaw, 

and pointy front chin made my anticipate my final look after swelling subsidence. 





40 days after surgery 


The major swelling subsided already and eye swellings gone down too. 

I was self-conscience of my face structure before the surgery 

and had to put down my hair to cover the forehead all the time. 


But now I found my confidence and put my hair up. 

I realized that face structure is very important.


I am not suppose to open my mouth wide until 1 month after the surgery. 


And when I went for the check-up for 1 month, 

the nurse instructed me how to practice to open my mouth. 


I was also impressed how the clinic precisely took care of me for post-op treatments

Now, my eyes are very clear and brighter than before. 


I also wanted my old eye image to remain, and it turned out to be how I exactly wanted!!







This is the comparison of before and after the surgery. 

It is almost 45 degree view, and you can see that cheekbone is reduced, 

with jaw line, which made the smooth face line. 


The droopy looking nose is also gone, 

and now I have straight and high nose with bigger eyes. 





 69 days after surgery



The swelling subsided a lot, and I can eat anything now. 

I cannot open my mouth too wide, but that does not affect my everyday life. 


I worried about the swelling subsidence, 

but it went down pretty faster than I thought 

and face structure, eyes, and nose are settled well in their place.


I love to take photos because I look good from any angle ! 


83 days after surgery 


It is almost 3 months after the surgery.

I thought my swelling has subsided already, but minor swellings are still subsiding. 


No more protruded cheekbone and slime jaw line! 




 4 months after surgery



This is before and after the plastic surgery. My dull face became clear and smaller. 

I am glad that I got face contouring surgery done with eyes and nose. 






What I love the most after surgery is my side view.


Humped and droopy nose became straight, and angled jaw line is adjusted. 

I love this smooth face line!!





 5 months after the surgery



The surface of face been reduced noticeably. 

It really seems like my face got smaller in half size than before. 


As now I have smoother and slimmer face line, 

I have confident whenever taking photos.


Whoever got epicanthoplasty I know, 

the surgery made the impression of the person too strong. 


But gladly it did not happen to me. I fell like nose is mine now.

But you do have to be careful for first few months.



I didn¡¯t know which hair style looked good on me before the surgery, 

so my hair style was always the same. 


After the surgery, I don¡¯t have to cover my face structure, 

so I put my hair up, or down however I want. 


It seems like any hair style fits me now ^^








I like this photo because of the atmosphere. 

i get best photos whenever I take new photos!




6 months ~ until now after surgery 


I can feel the change in my life after plastic surgery.

As I get more confident in my appearance, I can take photos from different angles, and I also look good on any accessories such as caps, glasses or sunglasses. I am more than satisfied to see my well done nose and eyes job.


I was one of the patients who got nervous before the surgery and wondered if this is good for me. But now I thank and rely on the surgeon and staff in the clinic who has done the great job with care.


As time goes, I feel glad that I got the surgery done. the result does not look awkward, but just the way I wanted. AMAZING!!






Those of you who concern about protruded cheekbones or face structures, 

who wish to have better nose or eye shape, 

PLEASE do not hesitate to visit Banobagi for information and consultation. 


The professional surgeon with numerous experience, and caring staffs will give satisfaction.




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