Misun’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Simon¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Paranasal Bone graft + 

Forehead Fat graft + Rhinoplasty)



I have done the face contouring surgery at Banobagi in last November.^.^

The time flies this fast~ and my change was dramatic.

I would like to share my story of plastic surgery for people who are still considering for plastic surgery~!





Before the surgery



I had very wide and big face with dent on forehead.


I wasn thinking eyelid surgery would help, so I got it done twice at other clinic and it wasn¡¯t satisfying. And I don¡¯t know why,, but it seem like I still have the swelling..


So I decided to correct the fundamental matter, which is my wide jaw line and forehead with face contouring surgery at



I had done Face contouring, Paranasal bone grafting, forehead fat grafting, and nose surgery at The surgeon used my cut bone from face contouring for paranasal bone grafting.


For those of you who cannot wait to see my recent photo,,




Tah dah~~

This is me now 6 months after the surgery.

Don¡¯t I look way better than before?

My complex of wide face became slimmer with volume on forehead and paranasal made me look younger~

My boyfriend who was with be from before the surgery loves my new look *^^*


But there is always process for result, and I will be sharing my diary with you guys now.

Follow me~~





2 days/ 4 days/ 5 days after the surgery 



I think I worried too much for pain after surgery that I didn¡¯t feel much pain after actual surgery. But other than pain, I was feeling cold which was a bit distressing.

I was hospitalized one day, and the swelling was worst on 2nd and 3rd day, then t slowly went down. I washed my hair at the hair salon on the 5th day, and was getting used to it. Haha





7 days after the surgery 



I went to the clinic for stitch out on nose, cheekbone, forehead, belly area where fat extraction was done, and met the surgeon for regular check-up. The nurse taught me how to use the face band from now on.

I tried on the face band right after when I got home and took the photo. Some said it is painful when you wear the face band for the first time, but it didn¡¯t hurt, so I had it on for one hour.





8 days after the surgery 



I had to go outside, so I did some make-ups. Usually, it is suggested 1 month after the surgery,,hehe I did it carefully though..

It was wintertime and people wear masks and cover themselves with scarves, so it wasn¡¯t that noticeable that I got the surgery done.





10 days after the surgery



This time is when I started to take selfies.. I love my forehead line. Because it was surgery and I did suffer, I lost some weight which is good for me. Hehe

Soft food is suggested for 1 month after the surgery such as soft tofu, soymilk, and soup which you don¡¯t have to chew.





19 days after the surgery



The stitch removals for rest of the areas were done 2 weeks after the surgery with massage and post care treatments. And now I can eat normal foods now.

I eat kimbap, dumplings, fired rice, and ddukboki.. haha

I do have to be careful yet, but I guess my recover is faster than others..





25 days after the surgery



Major swellings subsided after 3 weeks, and yellow bruises on nose and under eyes are gone, too. I can clearly feel that my face got slimmer than before !! 

And I started to practice mouth opening.





Before/ after surgery



Can you see the difference in comparison photos?


My face line got much smoother!

Scars inside the mouth is almost healed now, bruises on belly area where fats were extracted is gone, mouth opening practice is done 20 times a day regularly. Now, I can eat anything! Matter of fact, I eat too much now !! haha


The biggest change I can feel is when I take the photos. Before the surgery, I always had to cover my face with hair or hands. But now, I can put my hair back, no hands needed to cover my face.





2 months after the surgery 



It seems like minor swelling are subsiding too slowly, and I gained weight by eating too much,, so I decided to be on diet!

I made tight plan for diet exercises and practiced. I feel like I¡¯m already losing weight!






3 months after the surgery



I stopped practicing mouth opening, but started again. 

I do have small mouth, but it seems like my mouth got smaller.. hehe 

it looks like I have candies in my mouth because of minor swellings.



And I¡¯m having fun with taking selfies now~

I met my boyfriend¡¯s friend who I met only one time before the surgery. He didn¡¯t notice that I got the surgery done, but compliment me saying I got prettier than before ^^.





14 weeks after the surgery 




18 weeks after the surgery 




20 weeks after the surgery 



I look way younger and feminine than before !!

It was time during New Year, and the relative I met were complimenting me about my appearance, and some even asked if I got the surgery done, but they only notice the nose job. >_< Amazing!! 






6 months after the surgery 



During my last check-up with the surgeon on the 6th month, the surgeon told me that the time is now okay to get Accusculpt done for minor swelling subsidence and cheek fats>_<


Thank you all for reading my long diary, and I sincerely thank Dr.Oh and Dr.Kim of Banobagi Clinic for giving me a new life ~~~




Lastly, here is my dramatic before and after photos~ ^^



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