Moonie’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Flower¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyes + Nose surgery)




Hello all! I¡¯m Flower who got surgery done for face contouring ~

I¡¯ve been stressed due to big and wide face structure.


I thought defined eyes and nose will make my face structure less noticeable, so I for eye and nose surgery done once, but still sired looking eyes and bulbous nose did not fix anything.



This is me before the surgery.. 


As I mentioned, I got surgery done for eyes and nose once but my nose is droopy and the shape looks like Avatar.. That¡¯s what my friends teased me for my nose.

This is reason why I decided to get the surgery done.





On the day of the surgery


I got face contouring, nose revision, and partial incision double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction for eyelid revision. So swelled,, T.T

Bulbous nose tip is corrected with ear cartilage, and changed the silicone to slimmer one than before. One failure is enough, right?






1 week after the surgery


I visited the clinic. The swelling subsided a lot than the first day, right? I don¡¯t have drastic change due to my swelling, but still, I can see smooth face line which made me feel so happy!






2 weeks after the surgery 


I started wearing the face band for smoother faceline and slimmer cheek. I feel more comfortable when sleeping now.

I think it is good to wear face band whenever I feel like my chin is heavy.




This is my eyes and nose condition~

You can¡¯t even notice the surgery for my eyes, right? It¡¯s been only 2 weeks and after stitch removal, the swelling subsided really quick!

My nose will look better after more swelling subsidence~





3 weeks after the surgery 


I went to the clinic to remove remaining stitch removal.

And regularly wear face band~

I think the swelling is subsiding more and more.

I like the eye shape~ and nose shape will be more slimmer~





1 month after the surgery 



I did some make-up and went out..

I thought this day would never come.. ^^

The face line is not perfect due to swelling, but it is already smooth enough and natural. I should concentrate more on minor swelling subsidence!






5 weeks after the surgery 


Before the surgery, I always had to cover my width of wide face, but I don¡¯t have to do that anymore.

The surgery is done naturally which is the most satisfaction part, so I don¡¯t have to worry about becoming awkward.

So impressed for my change day by day these days!






Before/ after the surgery 






2 months after the surgery 


My nose was straight before the revision, but now it is more curved than straight!

I didn¡¯t want my nose to become like Pinocchio, but gladly, it is done naturally^^

I eat anything I want now, which worries me for gaining weight and faceline won¡¯t show due to fats on my face¡¦.^^;;


I want to show off my jaw line unlike before the surgery. Hehe 





Before/ after the surgery 






 70 days after the surgery 


Bulbous nose became sharp and made feminine image^^

Face structure change with defined eyes and nose!

I don¡¯t know how much to thank Banobagi >_<

I never heard people saying I look pretty, but now I hear people saying I have pretty eyes and nose. ^^





Before/ after the surgery 


Before the check-up for the 3rd month, I am on diet ^^

Surgery is important, but post-operative management is really important such as swelling management, and mouth opening practice, etc.






3 months after the surgery 



I went to the clinic for check up~~

My nose got much slimmer and eyes are really natural, right?

Face line became much slimmer, too!

But for more natural and smooth face line, I decided to fill the sunken part with fats and tighten the rest of area with Accusculpting!






Before/ after the surgery  




 4 months after the surgery


The time goes really fast~~

I don¡¯t remember the time I worried about the swelling..

Compare to before the surgery, I changed a lot, right?

It is enough for me, but for better me, I want to get Accusculpting,, hehe



All my friends and relatives are surprised how much my face got small~~

No more bumpy parts on face with angles. 


As my face got smaller, I challenge to try different hair styles and make-ups. 

Of course, this means I am more confident about myself ^^






Blurry and tired looking nose became clear!

Eye surgery was really good decision as I compare the before photo. 





Before/ after the surgery 




 170 days after the surgery


Minor swellings subsided and I don¡¯t feel discomfort anymore~

I can smile naturally, and make expression on mirror ^^





6 months after the surgery


It¡¯s been already 6 months.. this photo is taken 2 weeks after the accusculpt lifting^^

Can you see adjusted face line?

I am glad that I met surgeons who aim for naturalness and became naturally pretty!


My confident made me try different hair styles~



My overall thought of plastic surgery is,, naturalness is most important. >_<


I was self-discouraged due to first plastic surgery failure for eyes and nose, but thank banobagi surgeons to overcome the trauma~ ^^






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