Mr. Choi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Mr. Choi¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring Surgery + Rhinoplasty)



I have done the face contouring and nose job at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic!




Left is before, and right is after the surgery.

Very big difference, right?


I always had low self-esteem due to protruded cheekbone and bulbous nose.

Also I had square jaw that was too angled, which made me look very angled face on the photo which made me to avoid taking photos.


What I wanted was masculine, but soft image, but I just had too strong image.

After long consideration, I decided to visit Banobagi and get the surgery done.

Of course, I did visit several clinics before making my decision, and surgeon from Banobagi made me trust the clinic for surgery.






1 week after plastic surgery!



I couldn¡¯t close my mouth well after the surgery, but as time passes for about a week, I can easily close my mouth and wash my hair which is very refreshing!

Also, bandage on the nose was taken off!


There is swelling so I can¡¯t see the actual result, yet. But I could notice the difference, which made me very satisfying.


I did ice-pack massage for up to 1 week, and after then I changed to warm towel massage. I also wear the face band regularly for swelling subsidence!


I can only eat soft food like soymilk for now, so I really want to recover fast to eat more food!






2 weeks after plastic surgery



My biggest concern, cheekbone is gone!

I regularly massage and can see the difference on swelling subsidence after massaging. I also wear face band 2 times a day, and it makes me feel that my face is getting smaller. I heard that face band avoids skin sagging and swelling subsidence.


Right photo is after stitch removal inside the nose and mouth!

It felt more comfortable without stitches inside nose and mouth.






3 weeks after plastic surgery



3 Weeks already!

My nose is very straightly settled.

And cheekbone is almost gone, this is when my swelling was going down promptly.








I never took photos because of my face shape, but now days, I take selfies very often.^^ 

I downloaded the application for selfies!


It¡¯s been only a month, so it may look a bit awkward, but I¡¯m still on progress for minor swelling subsidence, I should be patient~!







1 month after plastic surgery




One for my biggest concern before plastic surgery, cheekbone is not visible anymore!


As time passes for about a month, 

it looks natural as much as I haven¡¯t got the surgery done!






I had big nose before, but it is sharp and high like I wanted.

I can eat whatever I want now, except for hard and chewy food.






5 weeks after plastic surgery



From any angle, I take the photo, my nose looks high enough ~^^

And my cheekbone does not look protruded anymore!

I¡¯m glad it is naturally done!





Before / After



It is comparison of picture I like.

And you can see the difference in cheekbone which is not completely gone, 

but naturally retruded. 


I do have awkward feeling inside my mouth, 

but don¡¯t have difficulties in chewing or speaking. 


But when I am doing nothing, it feels like I¡¯m molding my teeth at the dental clinic.. hehe






6 weeks after plastic surgery



Swelling is keep subsiding and my overall face line is very natural 

and turn to have softer image than before.


After day by day, 

I feel amazed looking in the mirror and proud of myself that I got the surgery done.



Whenever I visit the clinic, the surgeon and staffs are so caring and compliment me 

for my management and also for the result which made me feel glad that I chose this clinic!


And surprisingly, the surgeon told me that I still have nose swelling that will subside.







8 weeks after plastic surgery





2 months after~ Fist of all, my nose looks so sharp! And of course, 

the cheekbone is so satisfying!


I¡¯m into taking selfies these days 🙂


Which is amazingly look good whenever I take the photos.

The surgeons from Banobagi is like god to me !!






9 weeks after plastic surgery



I have a bit of swelling on nose because it is in the morning time, but not much on face. My face got definitely small which feels Soooo good !


Smoothen face line is amazing!

What I like the best is that it look natural that people do not notice my plastic surgery!

They are surprised that my face got smaller, but don¡¯t know what I have done!

I have no problem doing everyday activity, but I try to be careful when I eat hamburgers which I have to open my mouth wide. 






My friend is still considering to get the surgery done, so I strongly recommended him ^^







10 weeks after plastic surgery



The surgeon mentioned that my nose swelling will subside more, and it really did! 

But I liked the nose with swelling which was higher~ haha


But overall balance on face is important, the surgeon said, 

my nose now is ideal on my face.


I have egg shape face now!






5 months after plastic surgery 



Right after the surgery, just like all the patients¡¯, I wonder about when will my swelling subside, when will I recover to look natural.


And 5 months passed. I am recovered week, 

and almost all the swelling subsided!


About this time, I don¡¯t remember my surgery history.


Soft and slimmer faceline with egg shape, high and slimmer nose is just like I wanted!


Banobagi performs the surgery so naturally!!







6 months after plastic surgery



As my face got smaller, my body and face ratio is better than before. 

I don¡¯t have to worry about protruded cheekbone, 

my nose is naturally higher than before, I have no reason to have low self-esteem now!



Especially I am satisfied that it is done naturally !!


I thank the surgeons who found my matter and corrected safely!


For natural plastic surgery result, I strongly recommend BANOBAGI!!






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