Ms.Charming’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Hello I¡¯m Hyerin^^


I would like to share my plastic surgery of

Face contour, Two jaw, and Protruded mouth surgery at Banobagi!







This photo was taken about an hour before my discharge at the clinic. Not much difference from right after the surgery, but more swelled.

This much swelling was there for about 5 days and started to subside after 5days.



1 week after the surgery


I went to get facial treatments and massage at the clinic. And try to get used to faceband which will help for swelling subsidence.

I get to eat soup and blended cabbage, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes for now.

Whenever I¡¯m hungry, I drink soymilk, and gargled every time I eat something.



I followed the instruction given from the clinic, but my skin seems damaged. So I did mask pack for better skin~


2 weeks after the surgery


I took the stitch out on the 2nd week.

This stitch removal was something unencumbered. There is still swelling, but it¡¯s getting there, I can see !!



1 month after the surgery


It¡¯s been already 1 month and I changed my hair style~ I never cut my hair this short in my entire life, but this is something new that I can do during my recovery time~



I also started wearing braces on upper teeth. 

The pain should get better as I get used to it, right?



I look at myself everyday that I cannot feel the change of swelling subsidence. 

Like if I¡¯m wearing wig or not, ^^



50 days after the surgery


The swelling subsided much better than before. 

Time really heals everything! But still not used to braces,,,,T.T



2 months after the surgery


I¡¯ve been visiting the clinic and it is already 2months passed0

And the time flies~ I recently cought a cold and resting from working out. 

But I take a walk about 30 minutes to an hour everyday! 

Walking helps a lot for swelling subsidence!!


And I also went to get treatment for teeth which was very painful.. 

It is for beauty I need to hold on to it¡¦


I have no problem going out without hats or masks. 

I think I did a good job for choosing winter season for surgery^^

I think my jaw bones are yet fully attached together but I feel no pain, only when braces treatments are done. I can feel that my jaw lines are more defined as swelling subsides.



3 months after the surgery


Comparing my side view of before and after the surgery, my protruded mouth and jaw has set back and made my lips thinner.



But whenever I take the photo, my nostril seems too wide.. 

this is why people consider for nose surgery after two jaw surgery.




My face was U line, but it¡¯s becoming V line now. 

But I¡¯m not fully recovered yet. After all the swelling subsides, and orthodontic treatment is done, I will look better, right?



I think I should do my nose¡¦



5 months after the surgery


The fat on cheek area is gone. 

I walk and move a lot for swelling to subside faster. This really helps, and taking nutrient helps, too! 



It is amazing how surgery done so successfully. 

I cannot fully open my mouth because I guess I careful too much. But this became one of my habit now..



I think I will be taking the braces off soon, but not sure.

Crooked lower teeth find their place back and straightened without any teeth extraction.



6 months after the surgery


It¡¯s been already 6 months¡¦.

It feels like I have done it few days ago but time flies, really. I like taking selfies these days~ no more photshop required!! So Happy !! 



And I did my nose, and forehead. During consultation with the surgeon, 

he suggested that I will look better with volume on forehead.



One week after nose and forehead surgery


The band on forehead was suggested to tighten whenever I can. 

It helps settle the implant on forehead to its place. But when I tightened the band, it really felt weird. I guess it¡¯s because of the implant inside which is not settled yet. The bruise is still there. Time will heal everything ~



1 month after nose and forehead surgery


My forehead has not much volume to look awkward, 

but naturally done which is very satisfying.

Nose, there is a bit of swelling left, and it feel bit hard when I touch it. 

I worry about the scar on columella, but this will face away and with make up on, 

it won¡¯t be noticeable~ hehe


7 months after the surgery


The swellings from Accu lifting has subsided and look natural now. 

See?! My mouth is retruded !!!


With make-up on, I feel like a different person^^

Nose tip is bit blunt, but the swelling will go away. My face was naturally small, but after Two jaw surgery, it got smaller like celebrities on TV !



Mouth is retruded, shortened, with beautiful nose and forehead. 

I now have what we called ¡®Baby Face¡¯

I would never want to go back !!!!!


I chewed gum yesterday but it was okay. 

I eat ice cubes with no difficulties. But yet not something that can cause discolorations on teeth such as curry during orthodontic treatment T.T



I went to get my hair lengthen. I cut my hair short, but anted longer hair style. I look good on both, anyway~ but I still hope for my hair t grow faster ~



6 months after orthodontic treatment


I went to get the braces taken off today. Photo on the left was few onths ago, during the treatment. You can see the crooked teeth became straight during that short time~ Amazing!



2 month after nose and forehead surgery


I get to eat ice cream so much theses, it¡¯s so hot! When surgery was finished, the first thing I wanted to eat was ice cream haha but now, I even crack the ice cubes which is so happy!! 



Took selfie with ice americano~

My friends tell me that I have not much difference from nose surgery before and now. But I feel better that also means it is naturally done, because I am satisfied.




I can open and close my mouth like before, and can eat anything I want now, but careful with chewy food.

I should practice opening my mouth wider and wider.




I heard that most effective plastic surgery is Two jaw, and now I can tell why they said that. Because it is TRUE !!





I like my forehead and losing weight now. 

I love wearing caps that¡¯s why I took may selfies with caps on.




8 months after the surgery


I took off the fake hair as my own hair grew. It feels much lightened and organized!

I look much more natural than before hat people do not notice that I got the surgery done. 




10 months after surgery


I can easily eat meats and fruits with no problem. But why am I losing weight?(Which is good by the way,,^^)



1 year after surgery


It¡¯s been already 1 year,,? Wow..

I got the surgery done when I was cold last year and the cold season came back again.. wow time goes really fast.. 



I went on a trip with my friends and took a lot of photos, but here are the selfies I took~ my friends love my face!!!! I feel so GOOD!!

But the weather was terrible with rain, and storm..

All we could do was stay in the hotel room and drink~ My cheeks get pink when I drink which looks good on the photo~ hehe




I can see myself changing through one year after surgery writing diaries.

It would have been hard to notice the change because I would only look at myself in the mirror everyday and feel no change like swellings.




To finalize all my diaries, I am fully satisfies and happier than ever.


I will manage myself well and live happily ever !!

Thank you very much Banobagi <33333      



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