Ms.C’s Profile Surgery Real Review


Binny¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour, Nose, and Eye Surgery) 



I¡¯m living happy life with my changed look~ 


I would like to share my story based on the records I have for 

people who still consider for the plastic surgery~!!







Here is the before photo of me.

Wow¡¦ I¡¯m surprised, too. 


Let¡¯s find out how I became pretty from this face~





 1~4 days after



The swelling was worst on the 3rd day after surgery 

as you can see the comparison in the photo.


Just like I read the reviews of others, I worried and couldn¡¯t sleep if my face will blow off, 

so I did cold massage very often for swelling to subside. 


I had protein drink and well took the medicine the clinic prescribed. 


I never forgot to gargle every 2hours. 



6 days after



My husband helped me to wash my hair and went to the clinic 

for stitch removal on eyes and nose. 


For swelling subsidence, I got massage from the clinic 

and took the splint out on the nose bridge.


On this day, I had pumpkin soup for the first time. 

I mixed it with milk so I can drink it, and it was very soft.


I bought anti- swelling medicine and had it regularly, 

brushed my teeth with baby¡¯s toothbrush, and wore the face band. 



7 days after



The time passed so fast!

This is when all the bruise were coming down and made my face yellowish. 


I¡¯m still keeping up with face band at home~ 






10 days after



I can put 2 fingers in the mouth!





 14 days after




Went to the clinic for stitch removal inside the nose and mouth! 

It was hurting so bad! But I felt relieved after all the stitch was removed. 

Then I went for a walk! 


16 days after



I put make-up on for the first time!

I only had basic make ?up and I loved to see myself in the mirror. 

After the stitch removal, I had soft tofu, protein drinks, and egg soup for nutrients.





1 month after



The swelling was subsiding slowly. 

But I could see myself changing everyday only even if it was a little change 

which no one can notice. 


I love putting make-ups on now, and found interest in buying all kind of cosmetics, 

and concentrate on skin-care treatment for smoother and brighter skin tone. 







I posed the same as me waiting at the lobby before the surgery at the clinic today. 

It¡¯s been only one month after surgery, and you can clearly see the different even with double sized eyes, and sharper nose tip with higher nose bridge.




6 weeks after 



I¡¯m becoming more and more pretty *^^*

I love wearing outfits and doing make ups and go out with friends with my new look. 

And guess what? 4 guys asked for my number on the street.. 

4 !! 

my husband will not believe it, haha




At first, I started working out as taking a walk around neighborhood. 

But now I go to fitness, and start concentrating on losing weight. 


I dyed my hair in red wine color~ 

my husband is now anxious of my look that I became too pretty.>_<





Before/ After



2 months after 



I get more confident than before and now, I can tie my hair up and it looks good! >_< 


I put my hair up during hot summer time~ 

I don¡¯t want to say this again, but I changed a lot and look way better than before!! 



3 months after



The swelling on nose is almost subsided and I have more defined face structure. 

With better face, I can wear any kinds of stylish wears with confident~

But I still have swelling on jaw line area.



When I went for regular check at the clinic on the 3rd month, I arranged the surgery for Accusculpting for left over swellings and fats on double chin area.





4 months after 






5 ~9days after Accusculpting



Stitch out was done on the 5th day after surgery 

and the result was showing about 9 days after. 


So good~~!!



I was afraid of photos taken by others before, but not anymore~ 

and no need for photoshop~ hehe



My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. 

My husband surprised me and I wasn¡¯t ready to take photos without make-up and hair done, but I still looked good and all my friends envied my happy look in the photo.^^





 6 months after



With my eyes closed, you can¡¯t notice the surgery for my eyes, right? 

As I became prettier than before and have confident, 

I started to think to challenge myself for something new. 


I married young and had a baby. 


Now I want to do something for what I dreamed of. 

And the first thing is to take photo for the resume. 

A lot of people do this hair up style for the resume photo, so I tried it. 



Left is the photo taken before the surgery and the right is the photo I recently took


What do you think? 

With my before photo, people may not notice that it is me,, ^^;; 


I think it is miracle that this much change had happened within 6 months!!






I thank Banobagi for showing me the way to start my new life. 

Thank you Dr.Oh, and Dr Kim! 







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