Ms.K’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


DDODDI’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Eyelid + Ptosis correction surgery)



It’s been already 6 months since my face contouring surgery~

I became prettier than before after the plastic surgery~


I take hundreds of photos and happy about how I am now,

but I did have depressing period when I had to cover my face with hair all the time…







Before the surgery



You can see that my jaw is prominent..

Because of that jaw, my nickname was toast bread, square, Etc.

Something square was all my nicknames..


I will be pretty soon!!







5 days after Face contouring surgery



Swollen face! Hehe

I did face contouring surgery with eyelid surgery~

It was bit difficult cus I had swelling on my eyes.


But for swelling subsidence,

I wear clothes tightly and went out for a walk, the breeze felt so good~






2 weeks after Face contouring surgery



Compare to a week before, I feel much more lighter and feeling better!


The stitches from eyelid surgery is removed,

and I wear face band regularly for recovery.


The purpose of the face band is mostly for cheekbone to attach together with skin

and bone after surgery.


So I try not to forget and wore it regularly and it made me feel like

face line is slowly visible more and more.






I was getting the facial massaging at the clinic!

After the massaging, it felt like my face was slimmer and have peeling effect!







6 week after Face contouring surgery


Can you see slimmer face ~?^^


I had pumpkin juice, and wore the face band often and swelling went down a lot!


I still chew carefully when I eat food, but I can eat meat now! Woo hoo!!


I thank for every meal I have~ ^^







Whenever I wash my face, when I apply creams on face,

I feel that my face got smaller than before~


People I know tells me how much my face got smaller than before,

and that makes me smile all the time ^^






9 weeks after Face contouring surgery



Can you see my defined face line?


My swelling was subsiding slowly at some period, but it is subsiding well~

I think my swelling on eyes is more visible than face…T.T


As I have slimmer face and swelling subside, my eyes look bigger and visible,

maybe that’s why.


I should take more pumpkin juice and massage more for best result!!

I feel more confident about myself!






Before the surgery



I thought you forgot about my before surgery image,,

Um.. can you see that square jaw which cannot be covered with hands? T.T

I’m glad that I got the surgery done!!






Before/ After




I just want to erase my before surgery T.T





12 weeks after Face contouring surgery



As my face contour is more balanced than before,

I cared more about swelling subsidence.

I tried not to eat food at night, walk more,,

These simple things helped a lot in swelling subsidence.







I did glow make-up with different hair style ~


I always had to put my hair down straight to cover my angled jaw,

but as that concern is no more stress for me, I try different hair styles like ponytail,

wavy hair, straight, anything I want!






One habit I got after plastic surgery..

Is that I put my hair back of my ears now..hehe


This tells how much I am confident about my face now!

I am also amazed to see changed me!






15 weeks after Face contouring surgery



Under sunny daylight~

selfie is not an option!


You know, I hated taking photos before, but now,

I take out the camera by myself and take the selfie!


And also, I didn’t know I could express myself like this in the photo~

I think confidence is most important!





I went to the clinic for regular check-up with Dr.Oh.


He complimented how pretty I became after surgery,

and also gave advice how to manage myself better.


He said I will be prettier when I come for next check-up ^^

Thank you Dr. Oh!!






18 weeks after Face contouring surgery



See how confident I am when I take the selfie?

My friend took the photo of me taking selfie.. haha



Don’t I look good?? ^^;

My face go smaller, and slimmer~

But, I do need to adjust a little about the fats on face!!

So I got Accusculpting ~






21 weeks after Face contouring surgery



To be more beautiful~ I got Accusculpting!

The swelling cannot be compared with face contouring surgery,

but I do have a little bit of swelling~

But the sweeling subsided day by day, and 3 days later, yellow bruise was gone~







Can you see this little stitch?

I went out like this to the supermarket and also for a walk~

It is so little that not many people can notice~ ^^






Before the surgery



It is just a reminder that you might have forgotten my before photo!

Wow,, my square jaw was severe…






24 weeks after Face contouring surgery



I never thought this day will come!^^


I had sharp and a bit of mean image before the surgery,

But as my face line is adjusted, people now say I look softer than before.


I was stressed and discouraged before, but as it turned to compliments now,

i am happier than ever!!


The swelling from Accusculpting is not all subsided yet, but whenever I take photos,

I am happy and makes me smile because of this beautiful change ^^








Many things changed in my life after surgery.

Face contouring for More confident life !

Find you confidence like me with plastic surgery, do not cover to hide it anymore!^^







Thank you Dr. Oh for everything (:


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