Namdong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Kosooni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Artecoll Filler Injection Treatment)




It’s been 3months already since my Artecoll Filler injection Treatment~







And here is before,,,



Flat nose and forehead,

The front view photo shows how flat my forehead is and low my nose bridge is..

And I never tried to take profile photo because I know I had to hide dull forehead and low nose bridge had to be hidden..






Right after the Artecoll filler injection



You cannot see, but I had regeneration tape on my nose~

I was so excited that I looked in the mirror right after the treatment.






Before/ After comparison



I was so nervous, and worried before the treatment,

But all the worry was gone when I saw my after look.

Can you see the difference?

WOW ^0^







1 week after the Artecoll injection



I had yellow bruise and little swelling, but after one week,

it all went always magically!!

I think the swelling subsidence made my nose little flatter than before,

and forehead also.






I was told that artecoll absorbs and refills back with collagen,

but when I actually see the filler absorbing, I was a bit sad!


Bu I know that I look better than before, I know it.







6 weeks after the Artecoll injection



After one month, the artecoll was filling back and set on its place.

The time that I loved the most about the result was this time, 6 weeks after.







Especially my forehead~!

I love it!

I had hump before and it was obvious when I take the photos.

But now, it is smooth~~


As I found confidence about myself, I took more selfies.

I actually hated taking selfies before artecoll filler injection~






And when I meet people, I get compliments saying I look better than ever!


I don’t tell them that I got the Artecoll filler injection,

but they say my face looks more refined.


This makes me think that treatment was done too naturally

that other do not notice..










This is before the treatment -_-


I do look better now,, right??







9 weeks after artecoll filler injection



3 months passed already~~

As time passes, I don’t even remember my before look!






Comparison of Before/ After



But when I compare the before and after like this, I can clearly see the difference on forehead and nose bridge!


It is the picture of myself,, but somehow it looks bit strange..





I am mostly happy about my forehead how it is filled with volume

and shows the voluminous forehead from front or side. >_<


One more good thing about the Artecoll!

When I frown my face, I had wrinkles on glabella, but it’s gone now!


I heard that artecoll is used for wrinkle improvement, too! ^^


The features of artecoll is that it will fill up,

which means I will look more prettier, right?




I love taking selfies, and also love to look in the mirror!


If you are scared of getting surgery done, but wish to improve your flat and bumpy face, I strongly recommend you for artecoll filler!^^


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