Narae’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


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Kyungah¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Breast Augmentation with Motiva Implant)


I have done the Breast Augmentation with Super implant which is also called MOTIVA.

It¡¯s been over 6 months now, and I have no problem doing everyday activity and shape and texture is just so SATISFYING!!!




 Before/ After


FYI, I took the photo with same bikini that I wore before the surgery. 

It is embarrassing to show the breast, 

but you can see the total difference with same outfit, right? 


It is just SO beautiful and  natural!






Before the surgery


I was always self- conscience about my almost no breast¡¦ 


it was so stressful that I don¡¯t even look like a woman without pads on the breast 

because I had no volume..



Women usually put one pad in the bra, but I put 2-3 pads.. 

but it is fake volume that is so visible,, totally different with actual volume of breast.


And as you can see, the size of left and right breast is different, too. 

Small and asymmetric breast..


All these stress made me deice to get the Breast surgery done At Bagnobagi. 

Which is well-known plastic surgery clinic for Breast Augmentation.



From the beginning I loved the clinic and the surgeon. 

He listened to my concerns very carefully and suggested the best way to make enhancement.



Recently, I heard that Motiva implant is very good, 

so I decided to have breast augmentation done with Motiva implant. 


Motiva is very famous for natural sensation and shape than any other existing implant.



No massaging nor compression garment is required after surgery, 


so I thought it will be a lot more comfortable than other implant insertion.







 2 weeks after Breast Augmentation


The surgery was done with Motiva implant.


The size of the implant was inserted 340cc on the right, and 300cc on the left. 


As I mentioned previously, 

the size differs because I had asymmetric breast size in the first place. 


The incision was done under the breast.






It¡¯s been only 2 weeks after the Breast augmentation, 

so it cannot be the same movement as before the surgery when I raise my arms. 


It was bit awkward to have dramatic volume on breast, 

but I feel like it was born to be mine ^^


I lied down and saw my breast and was surprised to see the shape being natural. 

But there was still hard feeling because it has been only 2 weeks. 







 4 weeks after Breast Augmentation


So 4th week is almost a month after the surgery~ 


hardened feeling became softer now, 

and I can shape grab my breast like this!! 


This cannot be imagined with any other implant insertion. 


I have numbness and sudden stinging feelings but I¡¯m recovering pretty well~ 







The size fit really well on me. Not so big, and not so small.~

My breast has asymmetry, but as implant is inserted differently each side, the asymmetry was corrected very much, and shape and texture is very smoothly natural~ GOOD!






Scarring area was itchy as it was healing, but it is getting better~


It felt like I had sand bags on my breast for about 2 weeks after the surgery, 

but unless I run, I don¡¯t feel any difficulties.


It is normal that implant has weight, but I¡¯m getting used to it, which is important.


I can now lie on bed on the side and sleep deeply~ 







6 weeks after the Breast Augmentation


I wore the sports bra ~


It is good that Motiva Implant insertion does not require massaging after the surgery. 


I think it will be better to take a walk for swelling subsidence than staying home, 

so I took a walk every day.



Texture and feeling is getting better every day, but it¡¯s been only a month, 

so I still feel like it is not mine, so I tried not to do heavy exercises. 



8 weeks after the Breast Augmentation


I am now recovered as much as I can wear this kind of tight outfit~!!


The style when I wear the outfit is totally changed which was very satisfying.


Volume with cleavage.







And I love to wear V-neck outfit like this, but never tried this since I bought it. 


This was first time wearing it after Motiva implant breast augmentation surgery 

and with natural volume, it really looked good on me. 



After 8 weeks passed.. 

I can lie down on the side easily, but not so comfortable on face down.


All the pain after surgery is forgetting, 

and only satisfying result is showing every day which is very impressive.


Especially,, Motiva implant is approved implant with safety and trustworthy, texture, shape and movement is very natural which make me think that I made a good choice choosing the surgeon and implant. 






This is not a photo that my breast is so noticeable, 

but it looks way better than when I didn¡¯t have any breast. 


Even with this kind of thick wear like knit, the volume of breast is still noticeable~!!!






My decision for choosing Banobagi and Motiva implant was the best choice I made. 


I did face some difficulties after surgery, because it was surgery, but staffs in the clinic were so caring and I tried to manage well for myself, too that I recovered well.


Whoever considers to get Breast Augmentation done, 

do not hesitate to choose Banobagi! 






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