Newy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Gommy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Fat Grafting Surgery)



When I was teenager, I was asked if I am in my twenties.

When I was in my twenties, I was asked if I am in my thirties..


The stresses made me decide to get rid of older looking

and have voluminous face with baby face.


I am now reborn with younger face and have no more strong image !









I have no volume on face and it makes my cheekbone look more protuded.









I met Dr.Barn for the first time!

He drew on my face for designing, and also observed my abdomen!>.<







The day of the surgery!



I am swelled as much as I can!!

I hope this swelling will go away soon T.T







1 day after Fat Grafting Surgery



The swelling subsided a lot!!!!

So exited already!!







4 days after Fat Grafting Surgery



I think I did ice packs so well for deswelling.

I went to the clinic and removed the bandages on my face.

It didn’t hurt at all..






7 days after Fat Grafting Surgery



I eat A LOT !!

Diet is not allowed after fat grafting surgery.







13 days after Fat Grafting Surgery



Swelling has gone down, and skin looks very smooth, right?

I have volumes on face!

My friends say I look younger than my age!!

This is what I wanted!!







Before/ After



Definite change, right??

I have volumes on over all face, and faceline is smoother!







Check-up 1 month after Fat Grafting Surgery



Dr. Barn took a look at my face.

I use forehead muscle a lot, and it causes fat absorb faster on that area.


So Dr.Barn told not to make angry face,

And gave filler injection on glabella area.







I put anesthesia cream on,

Before / After filler injection







2 months after Fat Grafting Surgery



When I smile, the front cheek goes up like this!




And I also like the face line and also younger looking face!






3 months after Fat Grafting Surgery



I think I did REALLY good job for deciding to get this surgery done.


From angled face, to voluminous face with smooth faceline!


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