Pink Rabbit’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Mary’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyes + Fat grafting surgery)





I have done following surgeries at Banobagi plastic surgery clinic.

Face contouring(Cheekbone+square jaw+front chin) +Endotine(forehead lifting)+ Eyes(partial incision method ptosis correction + lateral canthoplasty) + Fat grafting


As you can see from before photos,

I bear two kids and lost weight and volume on face. This made my face look bumpy with protruded cheekbone, bumpy forehead.


As I was researching for plastic surgery clinic, I chose Banobagi plastic surgery clinic because of its scale and reputation.

It’s been 6 months since I got surgery done, and I’m living happy life with full satisfaction.








20 minutes before the surgery, that’s when I was so nervous.

Every thoughts came up to my mind.

Becoming pretty is important, but what I thought it was important was the safety and when I had consultation with the surgeons, they had the same thought and mentioned during consultation which made me reliable.








I arrived home after discharge at the clinic.

I did feel nervous before the surgery, but had not much swelling nor pain as I thought.


I had stitches inside my mouth so it was hard to eat things at that time. I only had soybean milk and gargled to avoid infection.

And I looked in the mirror carefully, and saw that I didn’t have cheekbone anymore.

It was pretty amazing.. hehe







4 days after surgery

Until 3rd day, I was swelled like crazy and amazingly started to subside 4 days after.

Also blue bruise became yellow too!


From this day, I had soups, and drinks. Of course, I gargled right after!!









7 days after surgery

My body and mind became more lighter. I have no problem moving around, and I also clean the house when I woke up in the morning.

I heard that moving around helps on swelling subsidence, so that’s what I did.


When you lie down and do nothing, your swelling will subside slower.








After check-up at the clinic

I got face massage and dressings done with stitch removal at the clinic.

Stitch inside the mouth will be removed 2 weeks after.

The stitch-out on face wasn’t that hurting.

I still have swellings, but even with swelling, I have changed a lot.

I’m so happy T.T








Before Surgery

This strongly prominent cheekbone and square jaw improved so much.










12 days after surgery

I was wondering about how I will look with make-up on, so I tried eye make-up.

Not other areas, but I only did eye area and I already look prettier than before!

Swelling is slowly coming down to jaw area, so I massage the face with warm towel, and also put on face band regularly.







14 days after surgery

It was 2nd week after surgery, so I went to the clinic and removed the stitches inside my mouth.

Stitch-out inside the mouth was stinging a bit.

But after removal, I felt much comfortable~

My jaw line is round because of the swelling.

And the nurse told me this is the process of normal recovery.








14 days after surgery

It was 2nd week after surgery,

so I went to the clinic and removed the stitches inside my mouth.


Stitch-out inside the mouth was stinging a bit.

But after removal, I felt much comfortable~

My jaw line is round because of the swelling.

And the nurse told me this is the process of normal recovery.









3 weeks after surgery

My swelling on the right side subsided slower than left side.

But as time goes, the swelling was getting better,

So I didn’t worry too much.

I was pretty satisfied then even with swellings~ haha








After 3 weeks

I was too skinny and my cheekbone looked too protruded, but it’s gone now!







25 days after surgery

I hated taking photos before the surgery.

I don’t know how to express myself in the photo and had low self-esteem.


I also didn’t know how to use to photoshop to look better!

But now, photoshop is not necessary!^^

I have my mirror with me at all times !!

It was really turning point in my life.


The swelling on cheekbone is almost gone now, and face line is lot smoother from the profile.

I am So IMPRESSED!!!^^









1 month after surgery

I can feel the swelling in the morning time~

But its is becoming natural day by day^^

I took the first photo from down up, but I still look good!







35 days after surgery

My cheekbone lines are much more smooth than before,

And people think I gain a little weight because of the swelling.


I started to eat meat, so I chopped it and had it little by little~








38 days after surgery

I cut bangs on my hair and dyed my hair!

My hubby thought I was different person! Haha

I never thought I would speak out about my plastic surgery, but whenever I take photos, I send good ones to my friends asking how good the surgery result is ^^









40 days after surgery

I can now wear light make-ups~

I look more younger than before surgery~







57 days after surgery

My face did reduced so much!

I cannot find my angled and bumpy face line!

I have muh more soft impression than before, and it makes my personality more positive.




I don’t know how much to thank Banobagi surgeons

for such wonderful job they have done for me!







65days after surgery

I don’t have to wear the facebands anymore~

I can open my mouth wide, and also numbness is coming back to normal.

I went for parent meeting for my children at school and other parents compliment me for how I became looking so young!







2 months after surgery

Confidence, happiness, I don’t know how to express how much I am satisfied with the result of plastic surgery!!!!








I am not jealous of celebrities anymore!!














3 months after surgery

After my face contouring, I for ptosis correction and also fat grafting

to give more volume on face and avoid sleepy eyes~



I was supposed to careful when I wash my face, so I just didn’t was my face! >.<

I injected fats only little as surgeon’s suggestion.







25 days after ptosis correction and fat grafting

As it looks natural, I am pretty satisfied with re result already~

I have no problem doing every activity, or have side effects~

Considering the before surgery, I feel like I’m living a whole new life! ^^









5 months after surgery

My hubby says he feels like he married twice with different woman!

He andi worried about looking awkward after surgery, but Banobagi surgeons are so experienced that they made me look natural!!






I also got Accusculpt lifting done, which is for fat adjustment on face~

It is for the best result of face contouring!









This is one day after Accusculpting, and I have not much swelling!

I followed the intrsuctions from the clinic like taking prescribed pills, wear face band, and do cold massage.

Nothing was discomforting, except for make-ups.









Here is the comparison,

Wow. My skulled-like face became slimmer and smoother!!









My jaw line from any angle~

There is no double chin, or saggy skins~









6 months after surgery

My family went to the beach and we had so much fun!

When I went to the beach 4 years ago, I never put my hair up or had fun.

But this time, I was smiling and taking so much photos!









I never thought this day will come.


I truly thank for those who tried to make my look pretty and live new life

as pretty woman!!











I am more and more confident about myself and smile which make others feel good^^


I sincerely thank for surgeons, staffs and everyone in the clinic

who tried their best for me!! ^^


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