Pyupyuri’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Youngjoo’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Eyes + Rhinoplasty)



At Banobagi, I got Face contouring, Eyes and nose surgery done~

It’s been almost 9 months since then!





Before/ After surgery (3 months)



Here is my before and after photos..

I don’t remember and don’t want to remember my look before plastic surgery,

but it is for your reference to see hoe much I changed after surgery..


I always concerned about protruded cheekbone,

wide square jaw, and asymmetric front chin.


As I age, I lost fats on cheek and that made my face contour more hallow and ugly. T.T

Feminine image was disappearing,

and masculine image was visible duet to face bone structures.

My eye size was too different from each other and also nose was droopy and curved.


I wanted to have lovely and feminine appearance,

but naturally done after plastic surgery.


So I chose Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic.

I was a bit scared before the surgery,

but was more excited to see myself for prettier face, so I finally got it done!!







1 day/ 2 days after the surgery




I got face contour surgery by Dr.Oh, and Eyes and nose by Dr. Kim.

The Procedure order was Eyes -> Face Contour -> Nose.


I was so nervous when I lie down on bed for eyelid surgery..T.T

Dr.Kim relaxed me gently so I don’t get so nervous. That relieved me a lot.


Then operation started and I woke-up when nurse woke me up from general anesthesia.

I felt a bit nauseous right after.


The day after, I felt much better!

When nurse was taking care of me,

she told me I had to fast for 6 hours after taking off the hemovac, so I should eat a little.

So I drank some soy bean milk.


Hemovac was taken out, it didn’t hurt, but a bit weird… hehe


I was hospitalized for one day, and swelling got worse than the first day.

but It was normal to have swelling from first 72 hours from the surgery.


My nose was tender, feel blocked, difficult to breathe.







6 days after the surgery



First time of visit after discharge from the clinic!

I first went to get face massage with peeling and deswelling.

It was so relaxing that I almost slept!


I love the Banobagi staffs~~

They are soooo nice that I whine like a baby whenever I see them^^

I think the staff understands and treats patients who has done the surgery and face difficulties, that’s why~


After the massage, the splint on nose bridge was removed, and stitches on face was all removed! It was bit stinging, so now I worry about my stitch inside the mouth.. T.T


Unlike before, face band is not necessary these days,

Since I will get Accusculpting done shortly to remove the double chin and also fats on cheeks, I don’t have to worry so much about wearing the face band~

Plus, I am the case who don’t have much swelling or bruises~







14 days after the surgery



I went to the clinic and removed the stitches inside my mouth.. T.T

I was sooooo scared for stitch removal that I dreamt about it!! Haha


But I can’t leave it, so I went for it!

Gladly, the nurse sprayed anesthesia spray first, so it didn’t hurt as much as I thought.. hehe


I can now smile like this!

It was so depressing how I had to hold my laugh when I watch my favorite TV programs!







19 days after the surgery



My face swells in the morning time, but it deswells in the afternoon.

I’m getting more natural that I can wear make-ups~







Wow,, I looked like man before the surgery..








28 days after the surgery




People say I don’t look like ii have done the surgery, but little treatments, that’s all!!

I was stressed for swelling subsidence, but it is going down~


I am so glad that I decided to get the surgery done!

I did suffer for few days right after surgery, but I don’t remember, seriously..

I’m just so happy to live with this face!!







Before/ After 30 days after the surgery



I want to burn off all the before photos…….

How do I look? Haha


It’s been exactly one month after surgery,

so I went out to celebrate for myself!


I do have a bit of swelling in the morning, still.

But it is something only I can notice, not others~~





I did worry so much about face contouring because it is considered as major surgery.

As swelling subsides, I feel that living life with prettier face feels really good!!!


You know, you can feel pain for few days, and face difficult times for few weeks,

you can have prettier face for LIFE!!

I don’t remember the pain before~






2 months after the surgery



I do lighter make-ups after plastic surgery!

I just draw the eyeline and finished! Haha


My face got really small!!

The swelling appears in the morning, but goes away during afternoon~

I heard that swelling from face contouring surgery will last about 6 months, so I should be patient~

Most Important thing!

People always said I look older than my age before the surgery, but it’s opposite now!

Also, as I wanted, the eyelid line is out fold !

The surgeon said my eye condition is difficult to have out-line fold, but he said he would try,, and it was successful!!







101 days after the surgery



I feel change day by day. the change only I can notice! Haha

When I had swelling on nose, I looked a bit crooked, but after 3 months,

it is straight and slim!


Before the surgery people worried so much about me getting plastic surgery done

that what if I become like typical ‘Gangnam Woman’

who has done the plastic surgery so many times!?


But now, they say plastic surgery is the best investment I made! Haha


They want to get it done, too!

Who hides the plastic surgery these days~!?








114 days after the surgery



My eyes look a bit awkward in the photo~

But it looks natural in person!


Suddenly, I remember the time when it was few days dafter surgery~

Couldn’t breathe well, nor eat. I couldn’t even open my mouth wide!

But that time passes and healed everything!







3 months after the surgery



I’m becoming more natural every day~ my face is so small!!

I met friends who I haven’t met after surgery, and thy don’t know about my surgery history, so they asked if I lost weight, cuz I looked prettier~


I hid from photo shoots before, but not anymore!!







141 days after the surgery



My nose line is fantastic~~

The surgeon said I had to lower the nose bridge, and I worried if I would regret.


But it is more feminine, so I’m satisfied!

I love the eyelid line and also face line!!







161 days after the surgery



I look so natural now~

I don’t look like the person who has done plastic surgeries, right?


Natural, but beautiful face!

Fully Satisfying Result!!


When I take photos with friends or other people, my face is relatively small!!

I don’t look like I got surgery done, right?

This id trendy plastic surgery, naturally beautiful face!


I would rather fix the complex than complain about my look forever!


I hope my review has been helpful for those who are still considering for the surgery!






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