QuQu’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Shooding¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty + Eyelid revision Surgery)



Before / After


I hate to show my before plastic surgery photo, 

but to give you guys an idea how much I changed,,!


I had low self-esteem due to my small eyes, flat and bulbous nose, and round face.

I wish to have defined and clear eyes and nose with slimmer face shape!




Once I decided to get the plastic surgery done, I had an opportunity to meet good plastic surgery clinic, Banobagi which also had good surgeons, so I chose this clinic for my plastic surgery and there was no doubt for my decision.




I do have baby fats on cheek,. But I hated the angled jaw and droopy nose.

I think jaw development is because of chewy food like dried squid..






4 days/ 7 days after the plastic surgery



I was nervous before the surgery, but I went through well.


I was informed that patients usually get most bruise and swelling on the 3rd or 4th day after surgery. As you can see from the photo, 4th day and 7th day has a lot of difference, right??

The swelling subsided from the 5th day and..!


On the 7th day, severe swelling subsided a lot!

I went to the clinic to remove the stitches and got massage for face~~!

The massage was so refreshing!






9 days after the plastic surgery



From 7 days after, I changed ice-pack massage to warm towel massage~

I took this photo at night when selling subsided..

The swelling will still go down, but I felt good to see slimmer faceline and defined nose and eyes!!

Can¡¯t wait to see the actual result when all the swelling is gone~!!

I love my profile because of the nose!!^^






3 weeks after the plastic surgery



It¡¯s been only 3 weeks, but, omg, I LOVE my profile!!

Sharp and high nose with slim jaw line..hehe

The front view still has some minor swellings, but even with swelling, 

the size of the face is reduced~~!!





1 month after the plastic surgery



Finally it¡¯s been one month!!

I wear the make-ups and go out these days~



Not only my face got smaller and slimmer, 

but I love the double eyelid that is settled naturally just like I wanted!!


My nose is defined, too!

So I take profile selfies a lot, my friends like the photo on the right~~


It looks like I have candy in my mouth with swelling, but it will subside anyway, 

so I¡¯m being patient for minor swelling to subside. 



Bright eyes!!! So Amazing!!

I¡¯m glad my docile image became more refined like I wanted!! >.<






2 months after the plastic surgery



I may have droopy skins if I don¡¯t manage well, so I work out and started on my diet!

As my jaw like get slimmer, 

people often compliment for my pretty face which made me find confidence!!



I had round and wide face before the plastic surgery, which made me not to wear caps or tie up my hair, but now, it looks better when I show my whole face than when I cover it!





This kind of selfie, I will never took before the surgery..>.<

As I am more confident of my appearance, I try different impression when i take selfies~ >.<





6 weeks after the plastic surgery



Swelling is subsiding, and people think that I lost some weight~

Unless I tell them about my face contouring surgery, people do not notice.

People often compliment me for smaller and prettier face~

I feel amazing^^

My nose bridge is defined, and eyes are bright!

I Love my LOOK !!






3 months after the plastic surgery



I was busy with work and meeting my boyfriend!! Haha

The minor swelling subsided more and some people even say I look like the celebrity~ 

This is so exciting!!

And my profile I V-line now! It was angled and round in front!

I love my changed image!






Before the surgery



Here is my before photo FYI¡¦.. T.T

Wide face, saggy eyes, and flat nose,,,

I had somewhat country girl look..

But it is changed to more like a city girl!!






4 months after the surgery



I went out of the city to feel the cool breeze with friends~

I had good food, and took a lot of photos~~

I have no problem living everyday life~

This kind of hat, I never thought of wearing it before the surgery,

It looks so good on me !! haha







I take a lot of selfies even when I date with my boyfriend..!

I can now open my mouth wide as biting hamburgers~~






5 months after the plastic surgery



Bright eyes and nose, refined V-line!

Whoever I meet asks if I lost weight! >.<


As I am more confident about myself, I do not care about what others say when they look at me taking selfies~










6 months after the plastic surgery



6 months passed already, it is long but also short time to recover, 

and get used to my new look~ hehe

I don¡¯t know how time passed this fast!!>.<


I think all the minor swellings subsided too! My jawline got slimmer!







I got prettier by meeting Banobagi, abut I like how my complex is gone and now I am more positive and mentally more confident about myself!


I should diet more and manage myself to maintain the look!

Thank you Banobagi for finding myself to put myself in the first place in my life !!






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