Rodi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Rodi¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contouring + Rhinoplasty + Eyelid surgery)



Developed cheekbone, bumpy face line, and severe humped nose¡¦


My first expression is too strong and negative which always made me discouraged.T.T

For softer and sharp image, I decided to get face contouring and nose surgery!




Before the surgery







Right after the surgery



I have so much swelling on face..

Face contouring with rhinoplasty,, but this is how much I thought I would be swelled.. ^^:;





4 days after the surgery



The splint is taken off and I feel refresher

I did ice-pack massage for swelling subsidence!

I took antibiotic regularly and hope for prompt swelling subsidence..





6 days after the surgery



Swelling on cheekbone is pretty much gone now

I heard that swelling goes down from top to bottom so it seems like my swelling is down on cheek area, yet I can see my smooth face line!





1 week after the surgery



I got the face band from the clinic and started wear it.

It is good for cheekbone, but better for jaw swelling.

I also did warm towel massage in between~





2 weeks after the surgery



It been almost 2 weeks, and the swelling subsided so much. When I went to the clinic for check-up, the surgeon told me my swelling subsided faster than usual patients.

That feels good~

After stitch removal, I feel more comfortable now.





3 weeks after the surgery



There is no more bruise and cheekbone is more adjusted

I do not forget to wear face band even after 3 weeks!


Here is the comparison of before and 1 month after the surgery





Before/ After





5 weeks after the surgery



I literally can feel my face got smaller.

The line is more softer compare to before surgery face


There is still minor swelling on nose which make the nose bit thick, 

but I think it will look good when it is subsided.





7 weeks after the surgery



The surgery result is usually look the best 3 months after, but I am already V line!

The image changed a lot, as you can see.

I wear face band, but it does not have effect of pulling anymore I think.





10 weeks after the surgery



I had big and angled face before, but as it is smoothly shaved, I can wear caps often !






Before/ after





3 months after the surgery



Time passes so fast!

I waited 3 months to past for swelling subsidence, 

but my swelling already subsided before 3 months passed.^^





15 weeks after the surgery





Before/ After









I went for a check-up 3 months after and suggested Accusculpting and got it done, but swelling wasn¡¯t that bad!





4 months after the surgery



It¡¯s been 4 months after face contouring and nose, 1 month after accusculpting


I didn¡¯t have much swelling from Accusculpting, 

but minor swelling subsided slowly because I couldn¡¯t do much massaging.





Before/ after





5 months after the surgery



My face line is defined, nose has no hump anymore and high. 

I am more confident about my profile and would like to try different hair styles.





6 months after the surgery



I am amazed how time passed this fast!

I don¡¯t haave discomforting feelings. 

I thought I had asymmetry on nose, but time passed and it became normal. 





As I found confidence of my appearance, there are so many thing I would like to do.

Image change is 100% successful!!

Thank you !! 



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