Seongmi’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Namdong’s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contour + Eyes + Nose Surgery)



Before/ After


Here is the list of what I have done:

Eyes: Ptosis correction, Epicanthopalsty, Lateracanthopalsty

Nose: hump reduction, nose tip correction

Grace surgery: paranasal bone graft

Face contour: Cheekbone and square jaw reduction, Genioplasty


Performed by Dr. Oh Changhyun, Dr. Kim Hakyoung


I was hospitalized for one day after surgery

to check the condition after face contouring surgery








Right after surgery


I had hemovac on, and could only drink for the day.


I could not talk much, but moving around was suggested so I can recover faster.




You can wear contact lenses after surgery,

but if you are getting eyelid surgery done together,

contact lenses are not suggested for at least one week after surgery.








As time passes, the bruise on nose area is all gone after one month.

My friends tease me saying my bruise look like the dog’s tears on their fur..


I couldn’t eat food like normal for 1 month,

so I ate blended soup, or soybean milk instead.

You know, water and pumpkin soup is necessary after surgery, right?








2 months after


I have swellings on cheek area, but smooth line is showing,

and I got compliments at least one time a day! >.<







when I compare before photos and now,

I am amazed to myself in recovery!

Do you like my faceline?


It truly feels like living a new life!


I alwaysa had to hide my side cheekbone

which made me look about 10 years older than now,

and now, people guess my age 10 years younger !!











It feels like I’m living new life everyday,

Feeling happy about myself,

And get regular check-up at the clinic!!


The regular check-up is 1st month, 3rd month and 6th month,

But I visited like day after one day.. haha










The trend for plastic surgery these days is not to look alike certain celebrity,

But to correct the flaws and be more confident!

The purpose of surgery is not to change the image, but improve.









I am so glad that I chose Banobagi for my change!


I am amazed by the surgeons’ techniques and professionalism,

and also the systems in the clinic for patients’ care for pre, and post surgery.


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