Simon’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Heedong¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour + Forehead Fat Grafting Surgery)



I had angled square jaw, protruded cheekbone with asymmetry, and dented forehead.


Due to my appearance, I was self-conscience since middle school. 

My friends had slim and pretty face. 

with them, it seems like I stand out from them and i had to refuse to take photos.


That was my past.. 



This is me before the surgery.. 


I never changed my hair style because I had to cover my face contour..


Since then, I thought of getting surgery done,, and thought of it,, and thought of it¡¦



To get over with my complex, I finally decided to get Face contouring, and forehead fat grafting surgery done at Banobagi plastic surgery clinic.



Well it happens to all,, but I had difficult times during recovery. T.T

So much swelling and nose bleeding.. 


 I wished for my look in the future after recovery and followed the instruction informed by the nurse. I gargled every 2 hours, took medicine regularly, and did ice-pack massages.





You cannot chew food right after the surgery, so I filled my fridge with drinks. 


Nutritious soymilk, yogurt drinks, juice and water..

Eating well will bring fast recovery was my thought^^


I often did massaging with ice packs, and about a week after, 

I was able to smile as much as this ^^ 






I visited the clinic for stitch removal and to get the face band~

I met Dr.Oh again and it was really impressed to meet him again after surgery^^


You can see that swelling subsided a lot more than 3rd and 4th day after surgery, right?







I wear face bands often and regularly,, 

and 10 days after, look at my slim face!!


I don¡¯t have to wear mask anymore when I go out, 

and my complex is gone now and I have slim faceline~~ >_< 


so Happy!! 



I visited the clinic again and met Dr.Oh for 1 month check-up. 


It makes me smile whenever I have chance to meet Dr.Oh ^^ 

he took a look at my face here and there and asked if I had any difficulties or irritating parts. 


He is so gentle >_< 



I almost forgot about that I got the surgery done now, 

and swelling inside my mouth is no longer bothers me.


With slim face, I cut my hair for dramatic change!!


My co-workers say I look good on my new hairstyle~~ 

they also compliment me my face got smaller and slimmer!!


I still have minor swelling to be subsided, 

and I hear all these compliments^^


I love it !!! 



I got face contouring done with fat grafting for forehead. 

the fats on foreheads are not gone, but volume has reduced a bit, 

so we will see until the third month after surgery and do the touch up for best volume. 


It still look good with natural volume though~ 






I work hard these days, and wear face band whenever I am at home, 

and take pumpkin juice regularly.


As I am being more confident about myself, 

I am more active about meeting new people, 

which ended up meeting good people who can stay beside me.^^







I tried to fingers in to my mouth for the first time after surgery, and guess what! 

Two fingers can go in!! it felt really good as I did not practice much, but ate a lot. Haha








it's been 3 months and I got liposuction done on face and 

also touch up for the forehead fat grafting. 


I am satisfied at the moment, but want to be perfect! 


Women¡¯s greed for beauty¡¦



It seems like my jaw lines are more visible and sharp, which is well done!


Right after the surgery I regretted that I lied on bed for this kind of pain again.. 

but after seeing the result, impressed once again^^



There are some people who wants to become prettier from what they have. 

I understand them, but I think it is best to get it done as much as needed, not wanted.






People around me asks me about plastic surgery these days 

and I feel like I became one of plastic surgery clinic consultant ^^


Since I have done the surgery at Banobagi Clinic¡¯s Dr. Oh, 

I strongly recommend Dr.Oh for face contouring surgery~~~~!!!



Whenever I see my face, I feel like it is naturally done pretty.


If you are self-conscience of your face contour, 

you should get the surgery done for your self-satisfaction. 



But you must choose the BEST clinic with BEST doctor like me!!



I living happy life after getting plastic surgery done~

Get over with your complex and live happy life !! ^^  






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