SKY’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


SKY’s Plastic Surgery Real Review

(Face contour Surgery)



Before / After


I got Face contouring surgery done at Banobagi plastic surgery for

Square jaw reduction, Cheekbone reduction, and Front chin.



I didn’t though of enhancing eyes or nose, but had low self-esteem about my face shape.

I had asymmetry on face and it was too visible when I took photos.

In the photo, cheekbone and square jaw looked too protruded, too.



I travel a lot and love to travel.


But whenever I take photos at beautiful places,

I couldn’t be in the photo..


So I decided to overcome my complex !!







2 days after surgery



I wear the hemovac to remove the dead bloods inside my body after surgery.


After one day, I am discharged home and I started taking walk from the 2ndday for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I was swelled a lot right after surgery.

To avoid swelling and pain, I had to massage with ice-packs for 24/7.







3 days after surgery



The swelling get worse on first 3-5 days.


I had little pain inside mouth because of incision area.

I drank chocolate milk, or soy bean milk instead of food.


You cannot tell from outside,

but I can feel that cheekbone is retruded when I touch myself.

It felt really good ^^







4 days after surgery



I removed the tape on chin area and that felt much more comfortable.


The swelling was about the same, and I still took a walk 30 minutes a day!


Even with swelling, my mom said she could notice the change especially cheekbone area!







7 days after surgery



As 7 days passed, I could see the dramatic swelling subsidence.


I can easily brush my teeth now, and wounds inside the mouth is healing pretty well.

I did not forget to take walk and wear face bands.


I went to the clinic for regular check-up

and got massage done with stitch removal on face area.







2 weeks after surgery



I don’t feel much pain anymore, and I have no problem doing every day activities~


Still, the wounds inside my mouth is not healed completely,

But ate soups and blended food

and brushed my teeth and gargled all the time for cleanliness.


About 2 weeks after, I started feeling the difference after surgery.


It feels smoother, and I no more have protruded cheekbone!!


Especially when I take photo,

I don’t have to worry about protruded cheekbone and square jaw!







3 weeks after surgery



I wore the face band regularly.


I felt like my eyes got bigger because of retruded cheekbones.

I went to the clinic and got check-up with the surgeon

by looking at x-ray photos of before and after.


The x-ray clearly shows the difference which made me feel impressed

even if I do not know how to understand x-rays,

it looked totally different!^0^


I love the staffs and surgeons at Banobagi.

They are so kind and caring all the time!







4 weeks after surgery



I was swelled a lot in the morning time, but it went away during day time.


So I tried to manage myself better than other patients.


Before the surgery, I had too much developed cheekbone

which made my cheekbone too protruded in the photos.


But now, it is so smooth in real and also in the photos.







5-6 weeks after surgery



I have no problem going out and doing everyday activity anymore.


So I expanded my exercise time to 1 hour from 30 minutes.


At these time, all I worried about was the swelling from front.


But I was instructed that minor swelling will last up to 6 months,

So I waited patiently and exercised regularly.







7-8 weeks after surgery



The wounds inside the mouth is healed~



When I touch my face,

I can clearly know that cheekbone and square jaw has been reduced.


And I was able to eat a lot freely, so I gained weight again.

The surgeon told me not to gain weight anymore for the best result.

And salty food causes swelling the next day, so try not to eat too salty.








9-12 weeks after surgery



I started feeling the swelling subsidence which felt good~ ^^


Under the light, my faceline was more defined and smooth!

And as my face got slimmer, it looks like my eyes not bigger!


I smile naturally, and open my mouth more comfortable than before !









Before / After 11 weeks



The best thing about Banobagi’s plastic surgery is NATURALITY.


The surgery result is so natural that

people only find me asking if I lose weight, or good looking.


I’ve seen other people got the same surgery done at other clinic, and his front chin was too awkward that everyone could notice that he got facial surgery done.

But I’m glad mine is not!!








3 months after surgery




The time passed so slow right after the surgery, but after sometime, it went really fast!

I hated my right side, but now, I take photos a lot from right side because I like it!!


The wound inside the mouth is healing well and scar is fading away~








4 months after surgery



I am fully satisfied with the result every day

But I see some left over swellings which only I can notice..


But people do not know about my surgery history unless I tell them.



NOW, managing my weight is very important.

I do work out, but still gain weight.. What..?


So you have to be careful not to look chubby after surgery!







After 4 months / Before comparison



Now there is clear difference from before and after the surgery.

Face line is smoother now from cheekbone and square jaw reduction.

Surgery is not overdone which is very satisfying, and look natural.

The surgery corrected my flaws and I no longer have complex on my appearance~!


I also had asymmetry and this was enhanced after surgery, too!

Human body cannot be 100% symmetric to each side, but what I mean is that I can no longer feel the asymmetry!









5-6 months after surgery





I lost 3 kgs by 5th month.

And it made my face look slimmer!


I was told if I look angry without expressions, but these days,

people say I look very kind.. haha


I’m living daily lives without feeling any irritations or difficulties.

I truly thank Banobagi surgeons and staffs for safe surgery and kindness.







6 months after surgery







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