Sooni’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Heeya's Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Square jaw reduction, Cheekbone reduction, Genioplasty,

Non-incision double eyelid surgery with

epicanthoplasty, lateralcathoplasty, lowercanthoplasty,

Forehead lift, and Rhinoplasty)

This is Heeya~


It’s been over 8 months after I got surgery at Banobagi clinic~

Let me show you my pictures from before and after surgery.

I had surgery of face contouring (Square jaw reduction, Cheekbone reduction and Genioplasty), non-incision double eyelid surgery with epicanthoplasty, lateralcathoplasty, and lowercanthoplasty, forehead lift, and rhinoplasty.

Non-incision method double eyelid surgery and forehead lift were scheduled first, face contouring on the next day, and rhinoplasty after a week!







before after



I was often told cute when I was little,

and didn’t have complaints.

As frame of face grew in a strange way and gained a lot of weight,

however, people told me that I am getting uglier and had an adverse change which hurt me.

I firstly thought I can just ignore those,

and didn’t care because my frame was not a big problem.


One day, I saw a group picture with friends

and I noticed only my face was big that they even said my face was like Moai.

It’s not that other friends got surgeries

but my body frame has bigger volume than others

and moreover, I got too much fat on cheeks

which makes my appearance unclear, dull, and lazy.




My body is not chubby,

so I underestimated and didn’t love myself w

henever I was told that I look heavier than I really am just with fats on my face.



I lost my weight with a hope that I would look better, but body frame didn’t change and nothing happened on facial structure which made me frustrated.























Before surgery,

I was so stressful to be told that I look plumpier than I am

because of angular and flat face.

I preferred splendid and clear image, opposite to my face.

For example, I love the face of Han Yeseul or Park Minyoung.

They have western images and big certain features.

I really wished to be similar to them^^



The most important thing is not to have artificial image

but to maximize my potentity so that prettiest face which would fit in me!!

I really didn’t worry while counseling with the doctor.

I’ve heard of their reputation so I expect and flutter with joy.







D-day of face contouring:



Time for operation was at 10 A.M.,

but I arrived at the clinic one hour earlier to see the doctor and have consultation.

Dr.Park, who was responsible for contouring surgery, had very good impressions, haha.

He told me the most important thing is safety and I think that made me believe him!!

Then he explained details with bone mockup on his hand and about what I am going to do!

I wasn’t nervous at all that he even asked if I’m not nervous^^

He promised me to do his best and nurses checked if I saw the doctor or kept cautions.

I got injection of anesthesia and slept deeply.

The operation was already done before I woke up,

and I was moved to patient’s room!

Blood must not be stagnated, so there was a hose connected to a hemovac.

The important thing is to blow air out for an hour that gas of anesthesia could come out from the body

and it was uncomfortable. But finally I did it!!!!

I drank water and gargled a little for the rest of the day.










Day two after surgery:



I don’t have pictures since my phone is broken…

and hemovac was removed before afternoon.

It just sting a little bit, and the feelings were much better!!!!



I kept drinking juice, water, and soymilk and gargled over and over.

I walked through inside of patient’s room.

Doctor visited me to check conditions.

I asked if my surgery went well but he told me I already asked that before

and maybe I don’t remember because of anesthesia, hahaha.



A Good thing was that nurses were perfectly kind so I could give 5 stars for them.

They really are angels…

I had to stay in the guesthouse

so I moved to my room of the guest house after I was discharged from the clinic.



They said swelling will be the wost on the 2nd and 3rd day, and it was right.



I kept spitting and blood was included in it.

The fortunate fact is I didn’t go through nose bleed, hahahaha.










Day three after surgery:



I was swelled really a lot.

Inner side of mouth was much swelled so I emitted a moan.

I am kind of person who gets swelling easily, and I think it’s the reason… I

t would differ by individuals but I think I couldn’t bear it without painkiller.

Daily doses of painkiller are limited to 6 pieces!!!



I still cannot sleep well at night.

I could hardly sleep but awakened in 2 hours, change cold packs, gargle, and sleep again…

It was a hard time for me not because of starving but of swelling.

However, I kept every cautions as strolling for about 40 minutes!!!!>_<



Oh, I got rid of tapes on the lips, because they told me to wet a towel with warm water.

Have you ever put tapes on your lips? Hahaha.

Anyway I detached it very carefully!

It was a lot swelled but I was satisfied that I could see clear lines on my jaw^^









Day four after surgery:



I had hard time with swelling…

They all went down to the underjaw so lower teeth were all tingling.

It was like all tightened, so I regularly do ice pack massaging~~~

It’s swelled really plumpy.



For me, 4th day was the hardest day…

Moreover I felt stuffy because of my broken phone.

I’ve waited for the day of first treatment…





Day seven after surgery:

I had another surgery on nose!!
It was to be with the first surgery,

but having together was unavailable due to the schedule of clinic.

I concerned a lot if it would be fine to do
because I still had gotten much swelling,

but doctor said okay and I believed in him. Hahaha.


The operation took about less than 3 hours.
I think I am not for local-anesthesia…
I felt it was like after a deep sleep in the case of general anesthesia,
but this case was tiring.

Rhinoplasty does not require hospitalization,
so I was discharged when I recovered from anesthesia.
An uncomfortable thing is that lips get dry
because it’s better to breathe through mouth.
It’s important to apply lip balm and drink a lot of water!!!!



Day eight after surgery:


I put ice-pack day and night to decrease swelling,
and you can put the pack on the forehead
if in need of getting rid of swelling of the nose.
A little bit melted ice pack is better than frozen one~^^

I took this selfie when I woke up at dawn.
Anyway swelling decreased a little bit fast and I think
it’s because I got a laser treatment on that day~

Doctor asked me if something even trifle one was bothering
and said that the surgery went well.

I sighed when I looked in the mirror,
but I also decided to recover well!!!!
















2nd week after surgery:


It’s really a matter of care after a week,

I disinfected carefully, strolled down regularly, and ice packed a lot.


I got outer stitches removed on the day seven,

and I was nervous because of other reviews

but wasn’t hurt just tingling, hahaha.



Doctors visited to tell me how it went,

and I also got deswelling injection since I easily get swelled^^!


I was really pleased that it went as planned.



I did well on gargling till inner stitches are removed. I



ate yogurt or chopped noodle or pasta, haha.



It was hard to eat warm food since there was a lot of swelling inside of mouth,



so what I ate was mostly cold food.







I fell asleep as I got a laser treatment while treatment for swelling!



The doctor told me I did well lying down on the bed that it’s quite hard to do.



It was more comfortable than expected.




And as a result, I lost about 5 kilograms



and I am totally satisfied with it!!



It was also kind of going on a diet!





Caps and masks are needed because it’s apparent that



there’s bruise and swelling on my face^^



Kind of being a celebrity, hahaha.




I’m sometimes glad to meet people similar to me, haha.






I was really delighted

when my friend said swelling is gradually being gone and face looks smaller.



Felt like overcoming my complex and was happy>_<


























3rd week after surgery:





I got outer stitches out last week.

I was a little bit scared after checking reviews, but I did it!


Firstly, I was under anesthesia and stitches were removed one by one.

It was not that itchy than expected

but I shed drops of tears for the bottom part inside the mouth…

Everybody said that it was the hardest part to bear

since it’s the most sensitive part,

but I felt more comfortable after getting rid of that, hahaha.


By the way, I didn’t utilize the tightener!

It is for arranging lines on the face,

but the doctor told me it’s okay not to use it if it’s too hurt and it was.

I ice packed a lot instead!!



















What I ate was mostly cold foods

since swellings gradually came down to the jaw side><




I drank lots of blended fruit drinks in cafes

while taking a walk and ingested enough carbohydrate

like soup made of sweet potato, potato, or button mushroom!!



I was lucky that there were many kinds of noodle in summer

the time I got surgeries,

as Korean cold noodles, and soba!



And especially the yogurt and ice cream!!

They are quite easy to eat and delicious so are the best choices><

















I strolled a lot!!

Walked about from 40 minutes to an hour a day

and stretched time to time at home

so I lost maybe 5 kilos, hahahahaha.



People say I am slimmer than before and I was excited~


You can go for the effect of killing two birds with one stone

thinking that you’re on a diet^^!



















These photos were taken over 3 weeks after surgery~

What do you think about them?



I can say that my face is clearer than before.

I am glad that I don’t have to wear masks on!

Swellings take long time to be removed in my body conditions

so that I look plumpy but I came to have a splendid look>_< hahahaha.



I love the profile the most.

It was one of my inferiorities and I really like it improved…

This is a picture of my profile!



There is fat on my jaw maybe because swellings came down to the bottom…

I believe it will be gone soon!




I hope to do make-up soon after swelling is decreased…

I feel sad that it’s so steady in my case

but I think the time matters as I can see in reviews of others…



I would just enjoy the time, hahahahaha.

It’ll also good for me to think so^^!

















It’s been a month after face contouring surgery~

There’s no problem in daily life that it’s been a month~


My friends said I would be thought as injected botox with just a little of swelling~

I think it really depends on individual…

You have to be patient a lot if you swell easily like me.


However, I’m so pleased to hear my face looks smaller

that my cheeks were so outstanding before.


I was hurt when someone pointed my face line was uneven…

I really thank the surgeons.


















It’s been a month after face contouring surgery~

There’s no problem in daily life that it’s been a month~

My friends said I would be thought as injected botox with just a little of swelling~



I think it really depends on individual…

You have to be patient a lot if you swell easily like me.

However, I’m so pleased to hear my face looks smaller

that my cheeks were so outstanding before.



I was hurt when someone pointed my face line was uneven…

I really thank the surgeons.




















I think profile lines are much clearer and definite.

I keep taking profile selfies these days~

















2nd month after surgery:



Can you recognize the lines are a lot settled?


It’s only been 2 months so it’s not that clear,

but something is certainly changed~!


The best thing is not to be similar to someone

but to be myself with upgraded appearance!


There’s a well-known saying,

“There’s no ugly woman but who don’t make herself up”.

I highly recommend to people with low confidence on themselves!!!


I also felt time goes so slowly after surgery and that would last long,

but there was a lot of patience when I look back.



Don’t hesitate, I want to say!!!!



















I put a little bit different make-up in this picture

and my friends told me it’s like a cat.


It’s pretty interesting to find and practice proper types of make-up

which would fit into my face, hahaha.


It’s able to wear a light make-up at this time,

so I often put basic make-up.

I thank doctors that everyone says I get prettier day by day!!!!!!


I eat almost everything, and it feels like wearing off from anesthesia.

A little tightening feeling exists but fine enough, hahaha.



















I love my profile!

Almost all pictures are profile selfies, haha.













I really realize a lot has changed on my jaw and cheeks…

It’s not clearly appeared in the pictures but my friends are surprised to see face to face and check my changes, haha.




And the line on the face looked very uneven when I put on the cab

but it seems to be big for me!!

I am fully confident just with a light make-up on. Hahaha.

Only experienced people would know it!!!












Before after 3 months



I changed my hairstyle!


I had much swelling on my face on that day


so it looks plumpier


but still clearer compared to my before photo!!!



I visited this shop for the first time a

nd the director in the hair shop also told me it would be better without any swelling.

I can apparently see not only my face much smaller

but eyes and nose more obvious!!























It’s just a week after than the picture above,

and can you clearly see the swelling’s gone?


I put full make-up on since I had to go out.

This was while having dinner!


I cannot entirely open my mouth,

so I eat little by little. It really needs patience…













I look strong in this picture,


maybe because of make-up style I think…



but swelling decreased a lot and I look far clearer!!!



















I ate a lot on this day, hahaha.

I eat alot these days…



Opening mouth is still difficult but I can eat most of food.

I must take a walk to manage my weight steadily!

I used to do yoga before but I quit because of the swelling.

I’ll try again!

I also have to care about body not only for face, haha.













Full 4 months have passed after my surgery at Banobagi Clinic~




Wow… It’s a perfect profile!!

I’m pleased to be told that swelling seemed to be decreased a lot^_^

















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