Teddy’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Teddy¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Face contour, Nose Surgery)




Hello all, I¡¯m Teddy and it¡¯s been 6 months already, and Wow. 

There were a lot of changes during last 6 months that I would like to share with you guys. 




Before the surgery



I am an actor on screen and always wanted to be in the front. But due to my appearance, 

I got many disadvantages and was self-conscience of my look in the screen,

and couldn¡¯t stand on front.


After meeting Banobagi, everything changed. 

I truly thank Banobagi and fully willing to share my experience with them.





1 week after the surgery






This is the photo taken after one week. 

At this period, all I was thinking was ¡®why did I get this surgery,, 

why do I have to suffer like this for what?¡¯ 

But as for my experience, time heals everything!


On the 3rd day after surgery was when I had the most swelling on my face 

and I really thought my face will blow off¡¦ haha 






2 weeks after surgery



This is time when I thought I made a good decision for surgery and amazed to see myself changing. I did cold massage with ice-pack given by the clinic.





3 weeks after surgery


It was about the same as 2nd week. But my eyes and nose was healing pretty face was healing pretty fast. I concentrated on swelling subsidence at this time. 








 4 weeks after surgery


All the stitches were removed, but I couldn¡¯t eat as much as I want. 

I had soft foods like tofu which does not strain my jaw. What a torture.. 

but with that torture, I lost weight and that made my face look even slimmer and smaller!







5 weeks after surgery



I went back to work and this made me feel like exercising. 

The swelling subsided during the daytime and when I get home from work, 

the swelling appeared again due to tiredness. 


But I did not tell anyone about the surgery and had no problem working!








 6 weeks after surgery



I do not eat much spicy or salty food, but after 6 weeks, I ate ramen noodles. 

But I had swelling the next day.



I cut my hair short, which I could never think of it before the surgery because then it will make my face look bigger. 








 7 weeks after surgery



The recovery was very fast. 

Everything seems settled and others couldn¡¯t notice if I have done the surgery unless I tell them. One of my co-workers even passed by because he didn¡¯t know it was me! 

That felt really weird, but I was also amazed¡¦


8 weeks after surgery



After 2 months, I felt like I haven¡¯t done anything. 

No problem eating, drinking. But what I felt was that depending on food I had, 

the swelling appeared the next day. 





10 ~ 13 weeks after the surgery



I did not wear hats before the surgery, 

but now as my face got slimmer, I look good on caps, too. 





This is me in the screen. 

I got a lot of works after surgery and work as much as cows on field¡¦¡¦..







 15 weeks after surgery



I can see the change of myself. 

I mean seriously, my nose is so naturally done and also the rest of the areas I have done, 

I am fully satisfied.


After the swelling, I often see myself in the mirror. 


I thank Dr.Oh Changyun, and Dr.Kim Hakyoung who performed and made this wonderful result for me. Whenever I thought of the next day after surgery, my condition will be fully charged again to start another day.







18 weeks after surgery



People asked when can you smoke or drink alcohol. 

Usually you have to wait for two months. 

but I was being careful and to avoid possibility of infection, 

I drank 3 months after the surgery.


I also got skin care treatments and managed myself for the best. 









 20 weeks after surgery


I had sty so it felt irritating. You all should careful and be healthy. 







23 weeks after the surgery



I gained weight on neck area and had to use the face band. 

I also tried to do massage for cheek area also. 

I think I managed myself better than others and achieved the best result as men.








 Before/ After


Face contouring is satisfying, but I love my eyes and nose. It defines the face. 

People I meet complement me for my good looking face. Hahahahahahah







 6 months after surgery



There is nothing I can¡¯t eat now, and I drink alcohol and smoke, 

but for my health, I should stop, right? I meant I could do the same thing like before. 




By adjusting my history of plastic surgery, it made me think back again. 

This diary made me think over the past and the time I made a decision for the surgery and go forward for the future. Please cheer for me!! 



Lastly, thank you Banobagi Surgeons and staff for all the works you have done for me!










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