Wannabe’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Nana’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Rhinoplasty, Forehead Augmentation, Genioplasty)






Before the surgery





This is me before the surgery for profile improvement at Banobagi.


You know, I love to take photos.

But my face does not help.. T.T

Help Banobagi !!










Nervous feeling before the surgery..







It’s been already 4 days since I got the surgery done~

It looks like I have make-up on my eyes, right? Very colorful~

My swelling subsided a lot, but yet my nose has splint on and make me look like Avatar..

The taped area is very itchy ~







Exactly 2 weeks after surgery,

I went to Banobagi and removed stitch inside the mouth, nose, stapler on head, and another stitch for forehead settlement.



Here, let me show the scarring on my head.

It is about 2 inches long and when it is covered with hairline, it’ almost invisible~

The dressing with hydrogen oxide made my color brown on dressing area.

You can dye or perm your hair 1 month after surgery~







Voluminous forehead~

I love my forehead with this volume !! ^^

It’s is still bit awkward due to swelling.







I had protruded mouth since born.

But as I ot nose and forehead surgery done, my eyes look less protruded ~








1 month after surgery

Bruising is completely gone, and I don’t see major swellings, but as time goes,

I think I will look more natural 3 months, and 6 months after.









This photo is taken when I got home.

I look like panda because of blurry eyeline~ haha







Incision scar on hair is almost invisible~









I look too natural even 2 months after, and I took hundreds of selfies~


Especially what makes me happy is that my boyfriend look at me and says I look pretty ALL THE TIME !! >_<








Now it is time to manage my skin,, pores..

So I arranged consultation with Dermatologist!

I will have brand new skin on New Year!!


If you worry about flat forehead, or nose shape, share this diary and fell the change!




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