Yungji’s Plastic Surgery Real Review


Ricky¡¯s Plastic Surgery Real Review


(Two Jaw, Nose, and Fat Grafting Surgery) 





 Hello~ I¡¯m Ricky^^


Were you guys surprised of my before and after photo?


The main reason for my decision to get the surgery done was because of my occupation.

I am a model. I stand in front of audience but was intimidated by my angled jaw and long face which made me lose confidence.


Also, the role I was assigned had limitation due to strong image I have, 

that is why I decided to get the surgery done.


As you can see, 

I have angled jaw line and long face. 


I was asked if I was angry, because of my angled jaw made my face expressionless.










 The day of the surgery



Last selfie before my big change! 


Before two jaw surgery, I first got Non-incision doubleyelid surgery with ptosis correction by Director Dr.Park Sunjae at  


5 days after the plastic surgery



You can see the swelling even with mask pack on, right??


I bought bunch of pumpkin soup for swelling subsidence.


When I wake up in the morning, I do the mask packs on and took some medicine for swelling subsidence. you can blend anything with juice or milk to eat~ 






 1 week after the plastic surgery




I went for a check- up and dressing~


When I arrived at the clinic, I got massage, cleansing, peeling, and gypsum pack!


The nurse dressed inside my moth and made another appointment for 2nd week.

The swelling subsided a lot more than the first time after surgery. 


8 days after the plastic surgery



I wear the face band for the first time. 

You have to wear the face band regularly from now on.


I take a walk for swelling subsidence, and do warm towel massage, but still there is bruise.







2 weeks after the plastic surgery



I did the check-up like I have done on the first week and also got ultrasound check~  

the stitch removal was done today. Was bit stinging, but not that painful!


I got so nervous before the stitch removal, 

but the nurse relieved me and the treatment was done. 


The nurse will teach me how to practice opening my mouth, and I came back home.







3 weeks after the plastic surgery



I took the screws out and rubber was taken off. 

I started practicing mouth opening. 


Cannot open it that much, but that is why I should practice~


Ah hah ! 

what I concern the most is the skin sagging and skins and skins on cheek .. 

as bones got smaller, it seems like my skin is droopy..


I should check this with the surgeon once I go for a check-up!





Today is the day for wearing braces!!^^

Say good bye to wafer~ which took about an hour.. 

but it wasn¡¯t that hurting. There is still numbness, but it will soon, right?







5 weeks after the plastic surgery



My right side has more swelling than the left side..

The face line doesn¡¯t look that smooth..

But I tried to wear the make-ups today~ 


Before / after 5 weeks after the plastic surgery



There is still swelling, but you can see the change ^^






 6 weeks after the plastic surgery




As swelling subsided, I went back to work as a model. 

The swelling I have now, can be covered with make-ups.


My co-workers told me I look way better than before, so this felt really good.


My current condition is,

I have minor swellings on cheekbone, and cheek area, 

and numbness on mouth area is back to normal ^^ 






3 months after the plastic surgery(Before/After)



I went for a regular check-up~

Dr.Oh is always so gentle ^^


There is only little minor swellings left, and theses minor swelling will slowly subside.



I asked about the skin sagging on cheek area and he suggested me for Accusculpt lifting to remove the fats on cheek area and also have lifting effect! 




The photos above are me during the show, and you can clearly see the change, right??



110 days after the plastic surgery



All the people around told me my decision for surgery was really good idea. 

They told me I look so pretty! >_<


With hair and make-up, I look better!!


My smile is now more natural than before~

Before the surgery, I always had to cover my angled jaw, but now, any kind of hair style looks good on me ~ hehe


The good thing about my change is that I am now more confident about myself!


I enjoy working ^^


One more thing !  

I decided to  filmy sunken forehead with fat grafting!

So exited!! 







 150 days after the plastic surgery




Today, I¡¯m getting rhinoplasty, Accusculpt lifting, and fat grafting on forehead~


You have to be patient to have beauty!

After stitch removal, the swelling will subside even faster! 






 8 days after the second surgery




This is taken after splint on nose and stitch removal.

I still have swelling so I don¡¯t like my look now, but still satisfying!



I love my nose bridge line from the profile~


Fat grafting on forehead is not too much, but natural, so I love it ^^

My friends are considering the surgery because of me,, hehe


7 months after the plastic surgery









8 months after the plastic surgery



Nose swelling is now almost gone and settled. 

I worried if my nose become Barbie doll nose, but it is natural as I wish^^



Finally!! I took the braces out!!


Now I have straight teeth ^^

I¡¯m having happy days everyday~~ 






 9 months after the plastic surgery




There are still swelling due to my braces removal, and all the sensation is back to normal. 


Nose and eyes swelling is totally gone now 

and people who meet me for the first time does not notice my plastic surgery~ 







 1 Year after the plastic surgery(Before / After)




WOW,, Time flies~!!

I am proud of myself. Honestly.


I had difficult times sometimes, but fully satisfied with the result.





Not only the appearance change, but also my personality changed to be more confident^^


So Happy !!^^






I thank Dr. Oh for the best job he has done for me. 





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